Electrical Engineering - Unit 7

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alternating current
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imbalance(n) the state of having too much or too little of somethingload(n) the part of an electrical circuit which consumes powerneon(n) a chemical element (symbol Ne) used in fluorescent lamps and illuminated signsnuclear power(n) energy created by splitting the nuclei of atomsoffshore(adj) in the sea but not far from landpower line(n) a thick cable that carries electrical powerpower station(n) a place where energy is produced from various sourcespylons(n) tall metal, tower-like structures that are used for carrying electricity cables high above the groundregulate(v) to control the rate of somethingrenewable resource(n) a natural resource that will replenish itselfsingle-phase(adj) electrical power where the voltages of the supply during the distribution of alternating current vary in unisonsolar power(n) the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricitythree-phase(adj) of a device which simultaneously uses three separate alternating currents of the same voltagetransformer(n) a device for reducing or increasing the voltage of an alternating currenttransmit(v) to send a signalturbine(n) a machine that works by the action of a fluid on a series of blades