Electrical Engineering - Unit 9

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editing(v) the altering or enhancing of imagesequalization(n) the process of adjusting the balance between frequency components within an electronic signalextract(v) to take something away from something; (n) a small part of something largerfilter(v) to remove the unwanted parts of a signalfrequency domain(n) the analysis of mathematical functions or signals with regards to frequency, not timeindependent variable(n) a variable, often denoted as 'x', whose variation does not depend on another variableinterference(n) noise or unwanted electronic signals that disrupt other signalslow-pass filter(n) a filter that passes signals with a frequency which is less than a chosen cut-off frequencynoise-cancelling(adj) using equipment, (e.g., headphones) which reduce external noise by producing a sound wave that cancels it outperiodic wave(n) a periodic function of one-dimensional space that advances with continuous speedpick-up(n) the receiving of signals, especially interference or noise, by electrical equipmentplot(v) to mark a point on a map or graphpressure wave(n) a wave (e.g., a sound wave) in which the generated disturbance is a difference in pressureprocessing(n) a subfield in electrical engineering which pays attention to analyzing, modifying and synthesizing signals (e.g., sound)random noise(n) an electric or acoustic signal that is made up of equal quantities of all frequenciesrarefaction phase(n) the region in a longitudinal wave where the particles are furthest apartsample(v) to take a small part of somethingsmooth out(v) to reduce the noise of a signalsoundproof(v) to make something resistant to sound, so that it cannot pass through it or into itspeech recognition(n) technology that allows a computer to process human speechtrace(n) the graphical display of the changing of a variable over timeverification(n) proof that something is true or realvoice recognition(n) technology that allows a computer to recognize a specific voice