Electrical Engineering - Unit 10

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carbon emissions
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lifespan(n) the amount of time a thing continues or functionslithium(n) an element (symbol Li) that is a soft, very lightweight, silver-white metal used in batteriesmanufacture(v) to make products on a large scale, using machineryminimal(adj) very small in amount; negligibleoutstanding(adj) exceptional and much better than most; extremely goodplummet(v) to fall or drop suddenly and quicklyplunge(v) to fall or move down suddenly and forcefullyrecharge(v) to restore a battery with electrical power by plugging it into a power supplyrocket(v) to increase very rapidly and suddenlyrun(v) to work or operateside effect(n) an added result of a situation, particularly one that was unplanned and unexpectedslump(n) a drop in the success of a business; (v) to plummet suddenly in price, usefulness or quantitysoar(v) to rise to a high level very quicklystore(v) to keep for future usesuperb(adj) excellent; very good qualitysupport(v) to assist in showing that something is true