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El Verbo Decir: Presente y Preterito

The verb decir in the present and past tense.
yo digo
i say, tell
tú dices
you say, tell friendly
él dice
he says, tells
ella dice
she says, tells
usted dice
you say, tell formal
nosotros dicimos
we say, tell
vosotros dicís
you all say, tell, friendly
ellos dicen
they say, tell
ellas dicen
they say, tell fem.
Ustedes dicen
they say, tell formal
yo dije
I said, told
tú dijiste
you said, told friendly
él dijo
he said, told
ella dijo
she said, told
usted dijo
you said, told formal
nosotros dijimos
we said, told
vosotros dijisteis
you all said, told friendly
ellos dijeron
they said, told,
ellas dijerion
they said, told feminine
ustedes dijeron
you all said, told formal