Electrical Engineering - Unit 11

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dissolve(v) (of a solid) to mix and become incorporated into a liquiddrawback(n) a problem or disadvantage that makes something less acceptable or desirableelectromechanical(adj) relating to a mechanical piece of equipment that is operated by means of electricityetching(n) a process that involves removing parts of a layerfraction(n) a numerical quantity that is not a whole number; a very small amount of somethingglue(n) an adhesive substance that is used to stick objects or materials togetherhearing aid(n) a device that sits inside the ear to improve hearinghinge(n) a mechanism on which a door swings as it opens and closeslab-on-a-chip (LOC)(n) a subset of MEMS; a very small analytical tool involving a semiconductor microchiplayer(n) a thin strip of material; thin substrates used to construct MEMS devicesmask(n) a covering used to cover areas not to be processed within a devicemass(n) a large amount of matter, without a definite shape or formMEMS (microelectromechanical systems)(n) a very small form of machinerymicroscopic(adj) extremely small and visible only with a microscopenano(adj) (of a measurement) a billionthNEMS (nanoelectromechanical systems)(n) equipment which amalgamates electrical and mechanical functionality on the nanoscalepattern(n) a repeated action or idea that can be used to predict likely outcomesphotosensitive(adj) having a chemical or electrical reaction to light, by changing colour or producing an electrical signalprojector(n) a piece of apparatus for projecting slides, photos or film onto a screenreflection(n) the bouncing of waves off a surface; the image of something seen in a mirror or on a shiny surfacesaliva(n) liquid produced in your mouth that provides lubrication to help swallowingsecure(v) to attach or fix something firmly to avoid it moving or being lost; (adj) fixed firmlysensor(n) part of a machine that can sense physical changesspring(n) a twisted metal coil that can be pulled, etc., but returns to its original shape when releasedsurface(n) the uppermost or outside layer of somethingtransduction(n) the conversion of mechanical energy, (e.g., a vibration) into electrical energytray(n) a flat object, usually with a raised rimurine(n) waste fluid stored in the bladder which you pass from your body through the urethraX-rays(n) photographic images that show the bones and organs inside your body