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  1. water that contains dissolved substances
  2. The inward force, or pulltha tend to minimize the surface area of a liquid is called ___
  3. The chaotic movement of colloidal particles caused by collisions of the molecules of the dispersion medium with the small, dispersed colloidal particles.
  4. a mixture from which partilces settle out ipon standing
  5. a colloidal dispersion of a liquid into a liquid ( maintain stablity of colloidal mixtures)

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  1. soluteThe dissolved particles (sugar that is being dissolved in water)


  2. colloidThe dissolved particles (sugar that is being dissolved in water)


  3. Tyndall effectthe scattering of visible light by colloidal particles


  4. solvationThe dissolving medium (water dissolving sugar)


  5. SolventThe dissolving medium (water dissolving sugar)