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  1. a compound that does not conduct an electric current in either aqueous solution or the molten state. (Molecular compounds such as Sugar, Alchol)
  2. a compound that contains water of hydreation ( contained with crystals)
  3. nearly all the dissolved compounds exist as ions ( soluble salts, inorganic acids, inorganic bases)
  4. a compound that conducts an electric rurent when it is in anaqueuous solution or in the molten state. (Ionic compounds are _______)
  5. any substance that interferes with the hydrogen bonding between water molecules and thereby reduces surface tension

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  1. Brownian motionThe process by which the positive and negative ions of an ionic solid become surrounded by solvent molecules


  2. SolventThe dissolving medium (water dissolving sugar)


  3. Surface tensiona mixture from which partilces settle out ipon standing


  4. weak electrolyteconducts electricity poorly because only a fraction of the solute in the solution exists as ions (ammonia, Mercury (ii) Cloride)


  5. Aequeous solutionwater that contains dissolved substances