Social work Practice Exam

Reliance on leaders
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Prioritizing problemsSecond step of Process PlanningTranslate problems into needsThird step of Process PlanningEvaluate the levels of intervention for each needFourth step of Process Planningestablish GoalsFifth step of Process Planningspecify objectivesSixth step of Process Planningspecify action stepsSeventh step of Process Planningformulate a contractEighth step of Process Planningindividuals' dysfunctions or challenges are rooted in past traumas, especially in childhood.Psycho-dynamic TheoryThere are multiple interacting dimensions that shape a personIntersectionalityPhilosophy of equality that involves both attitudes and actions. It pushes education and advocacy for woman and appreciates individual differences.FemenismUnfamiliarity can bring about feelings of fear, anxiety, and stress which a client copes with through discordDiscordA balance between thought, emotion, and behavior. Each affects the other two, like a triangle. Cognition, emotion, and behavior are integrated and holistic.cognitive behavioral therapy