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  1. Defense Mechanisms seen with Personality Disorders:
  2. Cluster C Avoidant-Affect
  3. Cluster B (dramatic, erratic, the "flavor"on the unit)
  4. More Desired Treatment Outcomes
  5. Cluster B Borderline-Affect
  1. a Antisocial & borderline (most common on unit), histrionic (more women), narcissistic (tend to be more men)
  2. b Projecting, acting out, splitting, repression, suppression, undoing, and regression
  3. c Intense, anxious, labile, chronic feelings of emptiness
  4. d fearful and shy, easily hurt by criticism
  5. e contracts against self harm, verbalize internal focus, interact socially with others, decrease perfectionistic behaviors

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  1. be matter of fact, clear & straight forward explanations, warn of changes, side effects and delays, project neutral but kind affect
  2. guard against power struggles, teach relaxation and problem solving, may use insight therapy, pts tend to intellectualize & rationalize
  3. Goal:willingness to work on a realistic future, need to focus on positives in life. Interventions: calm neutral manner, use reframing, help pt recognive cognitive distortions, dsicourage dwelling on past mistakes, set realistic goals
  4. overly sensitive to opinions of others, exaggerated need for acceptance
  5. anable to express emotions, anxious, need to feel in control

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  1. Cluster C Avoidant-Socialwant constant companionship, resist decision making


  2. Cluster B Borderline-Cognitive"black or white" thinking, identity disturbances, body image issues, dichotomous thinking


  3. Cluster A (odd or eccentric, not seen on unit often)Paranoid, schizoid (often men), schizotypal (often men)


  4. Characteristics of all Personality DisordersEnvironmental influences, abuse (cluster B), dysfunctional family, psychological, chronic trauma, biological factors


  5. Cluster A Schizoid-Sociallycold, aloof, detachmed, no close friends, indifferent to others attitudes ( do not respond to praise)