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  1. Cluster A Schizotypal-Cognitive
  2. Cluster B Antisocial-Behavioral
  3. Cluster C Obsessive-Affect
  4. Cluster A Schizoid-Affective
  5. Cluster B Borderline-Affect
  1. a adolescent-lying, stealing, fighting
    adult-failure to meet financial obligations
    *impulsive, follow rules only when it meets their needs
  2. b paranoid ideation, suspicious, difficulty making decisions, magical thinking, bodily illusions
  3. c blunted, flat, limited range of feelings, if forced into close interaction, become anxious
  4. d anable to express emotions, anxious, need to feel in control
  5. e Intense, anxious, labile, chronic feelings of emptiness

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  1. reluctanct to enter relationship as no guarantee of acceptance, terrified of embarrassment, feels socially inadequate
  2. odd speech (coherent but tangential), eccentric or peculiar
  3. history of intense unstable and manipulative relationships, seek love but fear abuse, stress related, paranoid ideation
  4. guard against power struggles, teach relaxation and problem solving, may use insight therapy, pts tend to intellectualize & rationalize
  5. set limits, identify current stressors, model assertiveness, avoid counter-transference, try not to make pt feel punished, teach new skills and problem solving.

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  1. Desired Treatment OutcomesLinking consequences to both functional and dysfuctional behaviors. Learn coping skills, manage anger, anxiety and shame, create a lifestyle that prevents regression


  2. Cluster A Paranoid-Nursing Actionsvery secretive, hyper-alert, search for evidence of attack, argue to keep distance


  3. Cluster A (odd or eccentric, not seen on unit often)guarded, look for hidden meaning, expect to be used


  4. Personality DisordersShould not be diagnosed before 18 yrs of age, patterns become inflexible, persistent, exaggerated and maladaptive. (Extremes)


  5. Cluster A Paranoid -behaviorsvery secretive, hyper-alert, search for evidence of attack, argue to keep distance


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