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  1. Dx-risk for self mutilation (Borderline)
  2. Cluster A (odd or eccentric, not seen on unit often)
  3. Cluster B Borderline-Affect
  4. H.A.L.T.
  5. Personality Disorders con't
  1. a H-never too hungry
    A-never too angry
    L-never too lonely
    T-never to tired
  2. b Goal: free of self inflicted injury. Interventions: look for patterns, monitor closely, use matter of fact approach, work out a plan for alternative behaviors, set limits, be consistent
  3. c Take a lifetime to fix, are difficult to treat, pt stuck in victim mode, external focus
  4. d Paranoid, schizoid (often men), schizotypal (often men)
  5. e Intense, anxious, labile, chronic feelings of emptiness

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  1. 1)novelty seeking (Cluster B)
    2)harm avoidance (Cluster A)
    3)reward dependence (Cluster B)
    4) persistence
  2. guard against power struggles, teach relaxation and problem solving, may use insight therapy, pts tend to intellectualize & rationalize
  3. overly dramatic, roller coaster of emotions
  4. understand seductive behavior is a stress response, be professional, model the use of concrete & descriptive language, teach and model assertiveness
  5. Goal:willingness to work on a realistic future, need to focus on positives in life. Interventions: calm neutral manner, use reframing, help pt recognive cognitive distortions, dsicourage dwelling on past mistakes, set realistic goals

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  1. Nursing care for Avoidantset limits, identify current stressors, model assertiveness, avoid counter-transference, try not to make pt feel punished, teach new skills and problem solving.


  2. Cluster C Dependent-Socialdependence, submission, avoid independence (often seen in older women)


  3. Defense Mechanisms seen with Personality Disorders:short term goals of safety and comfort


  4. Dx-impaired social interactionGoal:demonstrate the AB&C's in social situations. Interventions: set limits on manipulative behavior, role play, problem solve, establish a reward system with pt


  5. Nursing actions for Narcissisticremain neutral, avoid power struggles or becoming defensive, convey unassuming self confidence, most Narcissistic pts. don't seek help