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  1. Cluster C Obsessive Comp.-Behavior
  2. Cluster A Paranoid- cognitively
  3. Cluster A Schizotypal-Cognitive
  4. All Personality Disorders Exhibit
  5. Characteristics of all Personality Disorders
  1. a paranoid ideation, suspicious, difficulty making decisions, magical thinking, bodily illusions
  2. b Inflexibility, rigidity, not creative, industrious workers, miserly spending style
  3. c 1)inflexible, maladaptive response to stress
    2)disability in working and loving
    3)ability to evoke conflict in nurses, family & friends
    4)capacity to have an intense effect on others (often undesirable results)
  4. d Patterns that deviate from the cultural norms, have a long history of duration and is seen in cognition, affect, interpersonal functioning, and impulse control
  5. e guarded, look for hidden meaning, expect to be used

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  1. poverty of thought, vague expression
  2. Goal: free of self inflicted injury. Interventions: look for patterns, monitor closely, use matter of fact approach, work out a plan for alternative behaviors, set limits, be consistent
  3. need for control, omnipotent (all powerful) and omniscient (all knowing)
  4. fear rejection, easily hurt by criticism, fears of being alone and helpless
  5. Goal is safety, use contracts, identify triggers and patterns, take suicidal threats seriously

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  1. Cluster B Histrionic-Behavioralseek stimulation and excitement, may resort to assaulting behavior, seductive


  2. More Desired Treatment OutcomesGoal:demonstrate the AB&C's in social situations. Interventions: set limits on manipulative behavior, role play, problem solve, establish a reward system with pt


  3. Personality DisorderSubstance abuse, psychotic episodes (clusterA), suicidal behaviors, mood disorders (commonly depression)


  4. Cluster B Narcissistic-Behaviorlack of empathy, avoid feelings of blame, fear humiliation


  5. Cluster A Schizotypal-Sociallycold, aloof, detachmed, no close friends, indifferent to others attitudes ( do not respond to praise)