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  1. Cluster B Narcissistic-Affect
  2. Cluster A Paranoid-affective
  3. Cluster A Schizotypal-Cognitive
  4. Cluster C Dependent-Affect
  5. Cluster A Paranoid- cognitively
  1. a fear rejection, easily hurt by criticism, fears of being alone and helpless
  2. b paranoid ideation, suspicious, difficulty making decisions, magical thinking, bodily illusions
  3. c lack of empathy, avoid feelings of blame, fear humiliation
  4. d guarded, look for hidden meaning, expect to be used
  5. e Avoid sharing of feelings, never forgive or forget, chronic tension

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  1. respect need for social isolation, be aware of pts. suspiciousness, calm their anxiety, remeber they are unhappy at lack of relationships
  2. little personal involvement, irritable, aggressive
  3. understand seductive behavior is a stress response, be professional, model the use of concrete & descriptive language, teach and model assertiveness
  4. Inflexibility, rigidity, not creative, industrious workers, miserly spending style
  5. gentle, friendly & reassuring, use positive feedback, identify stressors, may use desensitization, one on one not group, don't push into social situations (often use MAOI's & Benzos)

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  1. Cluster B Antisocial-Behavioraladolescent-lying, stealing, fighting
    adult-failure to meet financial obligations
    *impulsive, follow rules only when it meets their needs


  2. Cluster C Dependent-Socialwant constant companionship, resist decision making


  3. Cluster C Dependent-Behaviorwant constant companionship, resist decision making


  4. Cluster B Histrionic-Affectself centered, high need for approval, guided by feelings


  5. Impulse Control TrainingGoal is safety, use contracts, identify triggers and patterns, take suicidal threats seriously


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