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  1. Cluster A Schizotypal-Behavior
  2. Cluster B Narcissistic-Cognitive
  3. More Desired Treatment Outcomes
  4. Cluster B Borderline-Cognitive
  5. Cluster A Schizotypal-Affect
  1. a odd speech (coherent but tangential), eccentric or peculiar
  2. b inappropriate or constricted, almost dellusional, social anxiety
  3. c contracts against self harm, verbalize internal focus, interact socially with others, decrease perfectionistic behaviors
  4. d "black or white" thinking, identity disturbances, body image issues, dichotomous thinking
  5. e arrogant and egotistical, fantasies of unlimited success and power

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  1. Goal:willingness to work on a realistic future, need to focus on positives in life. Interventions: calm neutral manner, use reframing, help pt recognive cognitive distortions, dsicourage dwelling on past mistakes, set realistic goals
  2. Easiest to treat, high levels of anxiety and outward signs of fear, social inhibitions (esp. sexual), reluctant to express anger, internalize blame, accept responsibility for own feelings.
  3. Goal: free of self inflicted injury. Interventions: look for patterns, monitor closely, use matter of fact approach, work out a plan for alternative behaviors, set limits, be consistent
  4. set limits, identify current stressors, model assertiveness, avoid counter-transference, try not to make pt feel punished, teach new skills and problem solving.
  5. set realistic goals, be aware of manipulation, clear & consistent boundaries, clear communication, avoid rejecting or rescueing, assess for self harm or suicide

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  1. Cluster A Schizotypal-Cognitivepoverty of thought, vague expression


  2. Cluster B Antisocial-Sociallyunable to sustain lasting relationships, exploit others, lack of guilt, failure to conform to social norms


  3. Nursing Actions for Antisocialreduce effects of manipulation, set clear & realistic limits, have a written plan, consistency, clear boundaries, be objective (be aware that they can instill guilt when not getting what they want)


  4. Cluster C Avoidant-Affectreluctanct to enter relationship as no guarantee of acceptance, terrified of embarrassment, feels socially inadequate


  5. Cluster A Schizoid-Sociallyfear intimacy, lack of close friends (not because they dont want them but because they are so odd people do not want to be around them)


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