Strategic focal point
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(Funding the program) All you can affordit's on the decline but it's simple and for companies with limited resources may be the only option. lacks rational basis for the decision and insufficient resources.(Funding the program) Percentage of Salesmultiplying past or expected sales by a certain percentage to determine the level of appropriation.(Funding the program) Competitive Parityuses the competitors expenditures as a benchmark(Funding the program) Objective and Tasksmost logical, but also the most difficult to use: step 1: a planner defines specific objectives step 2: list tasks required to achieve the objectives step 3: estimate the cost of implementing the tasksTypes of brainstormingsparking, word associationsrevisit the objectives, insights, and takeaways from the creative briefa part to the brainstorming processidentify ways in which you'll be capturing your ideasa part of the brainstorming processcreative objectivesthe "message" portion of the ad objectivestrategic focal pointthe element of the problem/opportunity you're trying to address.positioningway to get consumers to think or feel about the product.Big unifying ideaattention getting device to create interest and tie ads together.Brand image strategyrelies on factors not inherent to a brand because specific product attributes are relatively meaninglessproduct positioning strategycarving a niche for your brand in consumers' minds relative to the competition.unique selling proposition/point (USP)used when a distinct competitive advantage exists.resonance approachuses fond or positive memories or feelings the target market associates with the brand.Affective strategyseeks to form an emotional attachment between the brand and consumersthe FCB grid2 dimensions to classify product categories 1. Involvement 2. Purchase decisionPreemptive claimthe FIRST to promote some attribute, even if others have itGeneric strategiesNo competitive or superiority claims. best used for products or brands that dominate a category.physical continuitytrade characters, slogans, taglines, etc...brand essence charta useful exercise for companies to help determine positioning.consumer insightbuilding a campaign around a real consumer insightproblem as a solutionsometimes it can be useful to simply acknowledge the situation and make the best of it, rather than fight it.Guerilla Marketingderives its power from catching people by surprise.Buzz marketingis a word-of-mouth technique designed to create hype and excitement around a brand, while making each "encounter" seem uniqueLifestyle marketinga form of predominantly localized marking, frequently used by small businesses, that involves partnering with one another to reach target audiences across the various lifestyle outlets.Ambush marketinga promotional strategy aimed at creating false impressions that a company is an official sponsor of an event when its notbranded entertainmenta level of association between products and properties, the product moves from "background" to "foreground" and becomes more integral to the program concept.Public relationsrich, multi-faceted discipline used to promote brand equity. Its goals is long-term management of a company's relationships with both internal and external publics.Direct marketingdesigned to elicit an immediate reaction or response.Platformabilitycampaign can be built upon and translated seamlessly across many different channels.brand/consumer touchpoint mapvarious means through which the consumer will encounter the campaign concept. traditional advertising channels and integrative disciplinesmessage-oriented approachpriority is given to channels that can best deliver the campaign's approachbuild media plans around the channels themselves or vehicle exposures.transmedia storytellingbased around brands facilitating and audience's ability to take an idea and run with it, to make their own.psychological continuitytheme, image, tone, or attitudeThe classic approachto tell customers how they will benefit from using a productcreative tacticsads, news release, campaign