Electrical Engineering - Unit 2

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element(n) a chemical substance that cannot be divided into simpler substances; an important part of somethingfilament(n) a long slender conducting wire that looks like a thread, such as is found in a light bulbfoundation(n) the underlying idea, basis or principle that something is based on and that it grows fromgenerator(n) a machine that converts mechanical energy into electricitygrid(n) a network of electrical powerincandescent(adj) emitting light when heatedincrease(n) a rise in the size, degree or amount of somethinginsulated(adj) protected by material that prevents the loss of heat, sound, electricity, etc.integrated(adj) in which many different parts are closely linked or coordinated and work well togetherlight bulb(n) the glass part that is inserted into an electric lamp, which provides light when switched onmicroprocessor(n) the part of a computer that is able to process datanetwork(n) an interconnection of electrical componentssafety(n) how safe something is; not dangeroussemiconductor(n) a solid substance that conducts electricity, greater than insulators but not as good as conductorssignal(n) a series of electrical waves which are transmitted to a radio, television, mobile phone, etc.switch(v) to change from one position to another, such as a light switch between on and offtelegraph(n) a system of sending messages over long distances along a wire that carries electrical signalstriode(n) a valve that has three electrodesvacuum(n) a space that is entirely empty of matter; where all air and gas have been removedwireless(adj) using waves to send information rather than physical wires