Electrical Engineering - Unit 1

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in series(phrase) relating to electrical components which are set out so the current passes through each one in turninduction(n) the making of electricity in a conductor by altering the magnetic field applied to itinductor coil(n) a passive two-terminal electrical component that stores energy in a magnetic field when electric current flows through itinfrared(adj) relating to waves with a wavelength greater than those of red light in the spectrum, emitted by heated objectsintensity(n) the strong effect of something, (e.g., brightness or a magnetic field) which can be measuredkilowatt(n) a unit for calculating electrical power; one thousand wattslaw(n) a scientific or mathematical rule that is always trueleakage(n) the gradual transfer of energy across an insulating boundaryluminous(adj) bright or shining in the dark; giving off lightmagnetic(adj) having the properties of a magnetmicrowave(n) an electromagnetic wave with a wavelength, shorter than a radio wave but longer than infrared radiationnode(n) a point in a network or diagram at which two lines or pathways intersectohmmeter(n) an instrument for measuring electrical resistanceoverload(v) to put too great a demand on something, such as an electrical systemprofessional(n) someone who has a high level of education and specialized training; (adj) relating to a job which requires a high level of education and specialized trainingproton(n) a very small particle that has a positive electric charge that forms part of the atomic nucleiradar(n) a system that uses radio waves to pick up the movement of things that are far awayradiation(n) heat, energy, etc., sent out as electromagnetic waves, which can be very dangerous in large amountsresistance(n) the degree to which a substance or device opposes the passage of an electric currentspark(n) a small flash of light created by a sudden electric dischargethermal(adj) related to heattransistor(n) part of a circuit that either acts as a switch or an amplified electrical signaltransmission(n) the mechanism of transmitting an electronic signal or messageultrasonic(adj) related to sound waves with a frequency that is higher than humans can hearvoltage(n) an electromotive force or potential difference expressed in voltswave(n) the pattern that many types of energy form (e.g., sound, light, heat) as they movewire(n) metal which has been drawn out into a thin, flexible thread; a flexible metallic conductor