Maze Runner Questions


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Who is the author of The Maze Runner?
James Dashner
Who was the Greenbean before Thomas showed up?
Name the four sections of the Glade. All four must be correct to get the point.
Gardens, Blood House, Homestead, Deadheads
Who showed Thomas a Griever the first time?
How many years has Alby been at the Glades?
2 years
The girl spoke one sentence after she arrived. What did she say?
"Everything is going to change"
What were the five words on the piece of paper the girl brought with her?
"She's the last one. Ever"
What is written on the Beetle Blade?
The newbies start with what first job?
Slicers (slaughtering animals)
What does a "track-hoe" do?
Works in the gardens tilling, weeding, planting
What is the name of the black lab?
How many Grievers did Thomas and Minho get to go off the cliff?
At the gathering about Thomas, whose chair was empty?
What is hypocrisy?
Breaking the same rule you're blaming someone else for doing
When someone agreed with another in the Glade, what "saying" did they use?
"Good that"
Who said "First protect the maps"?
Who brought Thomas lunch when he was in the slammer?
One night at supper, Minho told Thomas an old story about a woman trapped in a maze. How did she get out of the maze?
She kept her right hang on the wall and was eventually lead to an exit
Who is the keeper of the builders?
What did FryPan always request from the box, he used it for baking
wax paper
Who found Alby when the map room was on fire?
What six words did the map reveal?
Float, catch, bleed, death, stiff, push
While Thomas was going through "the changing" where did they put him during the night?
The slammer
Why did they pick night for their final escape?
The grievers would be out of their hole and in the maze.