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The length and width of a standard sheet of paper is measured, and then the area is found by calculation to be 93.50 in^3. The number of sig figs in the width measurement must be at least
The number 0.00017 has how many significant figures
Multiplying a 2 sig fig number by a 3 sig fig number and then dividing the product by a six sig fig number yields a number with how many sig figs?
On planet Q the standard unit of volume is called the guppy. Space travelers from Earth have determined that one liter = 38.2 guppies. How many guppies are in 150 liters?
5.730 guppies
On planet Z, the standard unit of length is the foose. Ann the Astronaut is 5.90 feet tall on earth. She lands on planet Z and is measured to be 94 foosi tall. Her partner Rachael is 88 foosi tall. How tall is rachael on Earth?
5.5 feet
A furlong is a distance of 220 yards. A fortnight is a time period of 2 weeks. A race horse is running at a speed of 5.00 yards per second. What is in furlong per fornight?
27,500 furlongs/furnight
A cereal box has the dimensions of 0.19 m x 0.28 m x 0.070 m. If there are 3.28 feet per meter, then what is the volume of the box in cubic feet
0.13 cubic feet
The distance to the Andromeda Galaxy is estamated at about 2x10^6 light years. A light year is the distance traveled by light in one year, if the speed of light is 3 x 10^8 m/s, about how far is it from our galaxy to Andromeda?(1 year=3.15 x 10^7 s
2x10^22 m
A cement truck can pour 20 cubic yards of cement per hour. Express this in ft3/min
9 ft3/ min
Water flows into a swimming pool at the rate of 8.0 gal/min. the pool is 16 ft wide, 32 ft long, and 8.0 ft deep. How long does it take to fill?(1 gal= 231 cubic inches)
64 hours
When Nasa was communicating with astronauts on the moon, the time from sending on the Earth to recieving on the moon was 1.28 s. Find the distance from Earth to the moon. (speed of radiowaves is 3.00 x 10^8 m/s)
384,000 km
The mass of the sun is 2.0 x 10^30, and the mass of a hydrogen atom is 1.67 x 10^-27 kg. If we assume that the sun is mostly composed of hydrogen, how many atoms are there in the sun?
1.2 x 10^57 atoms
The information on a one gallon paint can is that the coverage, when properly applied, is 450 ft^2. One gallon is 231 in ^3. what is the average thickness of the paint in such an application?
0.0036 in
Assume everyone in the US consumes on soft drink in an aluminum can every two days. If there are 270 million Americans, how many tons of aluminum need to be recycled each year if each can weights 1/16 pound and one ton=2000 pounds
1.5 million tons
A physics class in a large lecture hall has 150 students. the total mass of the students is about ____ kg.
An apartment has 1100 ft2 of floor space. what is the approximate volume of the apartment?
10^4 ft3
Which point is nearest the x-axis?
Each edge of a cube has a length of 25.4 cm. What is the length of a diagonal of the cube going through the center of the cube?
17.3 in
If point A is located at coordinated (5,3) and point B is at coordinated (-3,9), what is the distance from A-B if the units of the coordinated system are meters
10 m
A right triangle has sides 5.0 m, 12m, and 13m. The smallest angle is nearest:
23 degrees
If (angle) = 90 degrees-(theta), what is the value of sin2 (angle)+ sin2 (theta)?
A triangle has sides of length 7.0cm and 25cm. If the triangle is a right triangle, which of following could be the length of the 3rd side
24 cm
A train slowly climbs a 500-m mountain track which is at an angle of 10.0 degrees with respect to the horizontal. How much altitude does it gain?
86.8 m
Note the expression: y-x2. Which statement is most consistent with this expression?
if x doubles, then y quadrouples
Modern electroplaters can cover a surface area of 60.0m2 with one troy ounce of gold (volume=1.611 cm3). what is the thickness of the electroplated gold?
2.68 x 10-8 m
the basic function of an automobiles carburetor is to atomize the gasoline and mix it with air to promote rapid combustion. Assume that 30cm3 of gasoline is atomized into N spherical droplets. Each droplet has a radius of 2.0x10^-5. Find the total surface area of the N spherical Droplets.
45,000 cm2
a circle has an area of 2.0 m2. A second circle has double the radius of the first. The area of the second circle is ____ times that of the first.
Doubling the radius of a sphere results in increasing its volume by a factor of...