Chapter 15 World History Notes

What happened during the Opium war?
The brits were paying for tea in silver and were losing money and so they started importing opium and selling it to Chinese, who got mad because their citizens were getting high on drugs so they fought them
Why did the Quing Dynasty collapse
due to external pressures from west and internal unrest, corruption, population growth, and food shortages
Where did the Brits open a port
Hong Kong
What are the areas where imperial powers had exclusive trading rights, for Britain France Germany Russia and Japan
Spheres of Influence
Gave all countries more equal access to trade with China
Open Door Policy
What happened when they didn't like western cultural and killed foreign missionaries and Chinese Catholics, was put down by a coalition of imperial forces
Boxer Rebellion
Who was the first westerner to enter Japan and led to the opening of several ports for Japan
Commodore Matthew Perry
This transformed Japan into a modern industrial nation
Meiji Restoration
How was Japan a industrial nation?
mandatory army, universal education, great freedom for women, western clothes, dances, sports,