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Soc 301 Exam 1

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· Unified system of believes and practices relative to sacred things that unite into one single moral community called a church all those who adhere to them
o No mention of supernatural (distinction between supernatural and normal did not exist until modernity)
· Sacredness is created through intense human interaction
o Totem represents society and god (god and cc are the same)
· 3 essential elements founded on sacred (not function of object, object made sacred through social practice)
o Beliefs and practices (ritual)
o Sacred
o Single moral community
· He is not interested in modern religion because it is founded on telephone
o Likely not correctly preserved across generations
o Further away from origin = more confusion
o Traditional religion was more simple
§ Simple world = less explanation
· Wants to go back to simple religion, totumisim especially
o Totems had functions
§ Created bonds among unbiologcal people
§ People who bore the totem were blood
§ Made society bigger than just family
o Had festivals for totem people
§ Name of totem held them together (Familial obligations)
§ Emblem represented clan
o Used during religious ceremonies
§ Things are classified as sacred of profane by reference to totem
§ Very architype of sacred things
§ If something had totem it was considered sacred
· Without totem it was profane
§ Not presence of totem but reaction to tour made it sacred
· Created birth of society
o Movement from hunting and gathering to festivals
o Festivals
§ High degrees of collective effervescence through moral energy
§ Felt driven outside of themselves
§ Feel moral energy in large groups
o Distinction of mundane world (working/profane) and world of clan (fun/ festivals and sacred)
§ This gave birth to this which created concept of society and us and social facts