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Geocentric Model


Heliocentric Model


Inner Planets

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars

Outer Planets

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune

Big Bang Theory

a theory that explains how the universe was formed


earth like; rocky


a natural or man-made object that orbits another

How Stars are Classified

size, color, tempature, brightness

apparent magnitude

how far a star appears to be

absoulute magnitude

how far a star actually is

light year

unit of measurement for distances in space

Stages of the Life Cycle of a Star

high mass and low mass

3 types of galaxies

spiral, elliptical, irregular

Expanding Universe Theory

galaxies are moving farther away from each other

Compare and Contrast the Inner and Outer Planets

All of the planets: are apart of one galaxy, revolve around the Sun, don't produce light, and spin on it's axis
Planets differ because: inner planets are earth like and rocky while outer planets are gas giants and have rings

Compare and contrast a geocentric model of the solar system and a heliocentric model of the soar system.

Geocentric model: revolves around the Earth
Heliocentric model: revolves around the Sun
Both Heliocentric and Geocentric models have the same objects revolving around each other.


huge clouds of gases and dust


pockets of matter that form the beginning of stars

developed stars

stops shrinking and begins to shine

red giant

outer layers expand and move farther from the core


exploding star


very strong gravitational hold

neutron star

the star's remaining matter is crushed

white dwarf

last traces of fuel run out

black dwarf

dead star


-closest to the Sun
-has no atmosphere


-named for Roman Goddess of beauty
-atmosphere is made up of carbon dioxide and sulfuric acid


-only planet with animal and plant life


-most resembles Earth


-largest planet
-large red spot called "The Storm"


-spectacular rings (known for them)


-axis is tilted way over on its side


-swirling blue aand white features

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