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Taika Reforms

Attempt to remake Japanese monarch into an absolute Chinese-style emperor; included attempts to create professional bureaucracy and peasant conscript army.


first Japanese court and capital


New capital of Japan


Shinto nature spirits


the result of the meshing of Buddhist and Shinto ideas

Lady Murasaki

wrote the Tale of the Genji

Tale of the Genji

history's first written novel; reveals Heian court life

Fujiwara Family

dominated japanese bureaucracy; used wealth and political position to build large estates; rival power of Buddhist monastic orders


warrior leaders; lords; supervised public works; collected taxes; built up armies


mounted troops of the bushi; loyal to local lords; become mercenary warriors


ritual suicide by disembowelment

Gempei Wars

open feud between Taira and Minamoto families; resulted in a minamoto victory; five years of fighting lead to suffering for peasants

Minamoto bakufu

military government


new capital of japan

Yuritomo Minamoto

weakens family authority and murders many members of his own family; was fearful of being overthrown by his own family; established first shogun(ate)

Ashikaga Takuaji

overthrows kamakura regime; establishes Ashikaga Shogunate

Ashikaga Shogunate

replaced the kamakura regime in japan; destroyed rival yoshiro center of imperial authority


earliest Korean Kingdom


natives of northern korea

Silla and Paekche

rival kingdoms in southern korea


extensive adoption of chinese culture

Yi Dynasty

ruled Korea; succeeded koryo dynasty; restored aristocratic dominance and chinese influence


natives of vietnamese

Le Dynasty

Rules Vietnam


military leaders of the bakufu


warlord rulers of 300 small states following onin war and disruption of Ashikaga Shogunate; holdings consolidated into unified and bounded mini states


indianized rivals of the vietnamese; moved into the mekong river delta region at time of vietnamese drive to the south

trung sisters

leaders of the frequent peasant rebellions in vietnam against chinese rule; demonstrates importance of vietnamese women in indigenous society


indianized rivals of the vietnamese driven into the highlands by the successful vietnamese drive to the south


rival vietnamese dynasty that arose in southern vietnam to challenge traditional dynasty of trihn in north hanoi; kingdom centered on red and mekong rivers; capital at hue

trihn family

dynasty that ruled in north vietnam at hanoi; rivals of the nguyen family in the south

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