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The Jefferson Era

Creating America Chapter 10

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Election of 1800
Thomas Jefferson was voted president by House of Representatives after tying Aaron Burr
Thomas Jefferson
1st Democratic-Republican president, authored Declaration of Independence, skilled violinist, horseman, scientist, inventor, lawyer & architect
Marbury v Madison
Madison would not install Marbury in his position as justice of the peach for washington DC. He sued.
Upheld Madison
Established principle of judicial review
Judicial Review
Supreme Court has final say in interpreting Constitution
Judiciary Act of 1801
Increased number of federal judges allowing John Adams to appoint many Federalist judges at the end of his presidency
Louisiana Purchase
Thomas Jefferson purchased the Louisiana Territory from French leader Napoleon for $15 million
Lewis & Clark
Led expedition to explore Louisiana Territory, find Northwest Passage, establish good relationships with Natives, make maps & discover new species of plants & animals
Helped guide, interpret & secure horses for Lewis & Clark. Shoshone
Zebulon Pike
Explored southern part of Louisiana Territory looking for sources of Arkansas & Red Rivers
Seizing American sailors & forcing them into British navy
Embargo Act 1807
US law that Banned all US trade
Hurt US merchants and farmers more than Europe
Non-Intercourse Act 1809
Banned US trade with Britain & France only
Madison's Deal
US would stop trading with enemy of Britain or France depending on who stopped interfering with US ships 1st
War Hawks
Westerners who wanted to go to war with Britain in 1812
Henry Clay of Kentucky
Andrew Jackson
Shawnee chief who tried uniting Native Americans to fight US for land
Francis Scott Key
Authored Star Spangled Banner while on a British ship that was attacking Fort Baltimore
Battle of the Thames
US victory that ended British threat in northwest & claimed Tecumseh's life
Oliver Hazard Perry
Won Battle of Lake Erie & said "we have met the enemy and they are ours"
Treaty of Ghent
Ended War of 1812
Battle of New Orleans
Andrew Jackson led US to victory in a battle fought 2 weeks after war ended
War of 1812 Results
No clear winner, no territory changed hands, broke Native American strength, growth of US industry & increase in US patriotism
James Madison
President during War of 1812
What were the main parties in the election of 1800 and how did their views differ?
Democrat-Republicans: weak central government, thought saving nation from monarchy and oppression, strict Constitutionalists, Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr
Federalists: strong central government, thought saving nation from radicals, John Adams
How did Jefferson envision the future of America?
Nation of small independent farmers
What was the extent of US territory after the Louisiana Purchase?
It was doubled
What difficulties did Lewis and Clark face on their expedition?
1. had to carry boats for 18 miles around falls
2. no all water route
3. rattlesnakes, bears, weather
What troubles did Zebulon Pike have on his 1806-07 trip?
Southern Route to find the sources of the Arkansas and Red rivers. They ran into Spanish territory and were arrested
Why did Jefferson have difficulty staying out of foreign affairs?
1. Americans were trading all over the world
2. Louisiana Purchase and Lewis and Clark opened west and encountered other claims from other nations
3.US had little control over other nations
How did Tecumseh intend to prevent the loss of Native American land?
Unification of the Native American Tribes
What were some of the causes of the War of 1812?
1. British Impressment of US Citizens
2. British support of the Native Americans
3. British Interference with American Shipping
4. US wanted British out of Canada
Which battle ended the British threat to the US Northwest?
Battle of Thames led by General Harrison (Tecumseh killed)
What event preceded the second phase of the war?
British defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo
people who take extreme political positions
John Marshall
Chief Justice, Federalist appointed by Adams
William Clark's Black slave. Great hunter, admired by Native Americans
Meriwether Lewis
Captain, slected by Jefferson to lead
William Clark
Lieutenant, map maker, outdoorsman
Outcome of Exploration of the West
1. Accurate maps
2. Growth of fur trade
3. mistaken view that great plains were a barren dessert
Why did Napoleon sell the Louisiana Purchase?
1. He needed money
2. Alarmed by America's determination to keep New Orleans open for American trade
3. Concern by revolt in West Indies by Toussaint L'Ouverture
Why was New Orleans so important
TRADE! getting goods to the markets. Mouth of the Mississippi