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Facial Muscles (Origin, Insertion, and Action)


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Origin of Buccinator
Alveolar process of maxilla and mandible
Insertion of Buccinator
Orbicularis Oris M.
Action of Buccinator
Compresses cheek into the teeth for chewing.
Origin of Orbicularis Oris
Maxilla and Mandible
Insertion Orbicularis Oris
Skin around lips
Action Oribicularis Oris
Pucker lips
Origin Frontalis
Epicranial Aponeurosis
Insertion Frontalis
Skin around eyebrows
Action of Frontalis
Wrinkles Brow
Origin Platysma
Subcutaneous tissue surrounding clavicle
Insertion of Platysma
Base of mandible, skin of cheeks, orbicularis oris m.
Action of Platysma
Frowning and depression of mandible
Origin of Mentalis
Anterior Mandible
Insertion of Mentalis
Mental protuberance
Action of mentalis
puckers lower lip up (pouting)
Origin Risorius
Parotid Fossa
Insertion Risorius
Corner of mouth
Action Risorius
Raises corner of mouth (smiling)
Origin of Orbicularis Oculi
Frontal bone, lacrimal bone
Insertion orbicularis oculi
Action orbicularis oculi
closes the eye lids.
Origin of Zygomaticus
Zygomatic bone
Insertion of Zygomaticus
Corner of mouth and upper lip
Action of Zygomaticus
raises the upper lip (smiling)
Origin of Masseter
Zygomatic arch and Maxilla
Insertion of Masseter
Ramus of Mandible
Action of Masseter
Elevation of mandible (chewing)
Origin of Temporalis
Temporal lines of temporal bone
Insertion of Temporalis
Coronoid Process of Mandible
Action of Temporalis
Elevation and retraction of mandible.
Origin of Sternocleidomastoid
Manubrium and medial portion of clavicle.
Insertion of Sternocleidomastoid
Mastoid Process
Action of Sternocleidomastoid
Tilts and rotates head.