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Haydn and Mozart

in what country was Haydn born
what was Haydn family's background
he did not come from a musical family.
where did Haydn recieve his musical training
Vienna Catedral
who employed Haydn for most of his life
The Esterhazy family
who were the Esterhazy
Hungarian noble family
what were haydn's duties at the Esterhazy family
compose on demand, conduct concerts and operas weekly, perform chamber music, train and supervise musical personnel, keep instruments in repair
how old was Haydn when he became a freelance composer
at 58
in what city did Haydn settle at this time?
who was Haydn's counterpoint student
Ludwig van Beethoven
who was Anthony van Hoboken
Dutch music historian
in what genres did Haydn write
operas, masses, symphonies, concertos, string quartets, sonatas
in what country was Mozart born
what did Mozart's father do
Professional violin player
at what age did Mozart start touring as a child prodigy
at 6
what did Mozart do during these concerts to showcase his talent
prepared pieces, read at sight, improvised
in what kinds of places did the young Mozart perform in public
palaces, churches, public buildings, taverns
when did Mozart start composing and what kind of pieces did he write before his 12th birthday
at 5, and symphony, oratorio, opera
in what city did Mozart settle as an adult
why was Vienna such an impotant musical center
it was the center of a powerful court that attracted many wealthy people
how did Mozart make a living
performed as a conert pianist, taught piano and composition, composed on commission, published some of his works, had his music performed by others
was Mozart successful as a freelance composer
demand as a performer, composer and teacher.
how was Mozart's music affected by his travels around Europe
to an enormous range of musical styles
how do we think Mozart was able to write music so fast
he worked out many of the details in his mind before writing them on paper
in what genres did Mozart write
operas, masses, symphonies, concertos, string quartets, sonatas
who was ludwig alois Ferdinand von kochel (1800-1877)
austrian music historian
the life and career of Haydn and Mozart
date and place o birth
H- born in 1732 in Austria
M- born in 1756 in Austria
H- came from a nonmusical family
M- came from a musical family
musical training
H- trained as a choirboy
M- trained at home by father
travelling experience
H- only extensive trip was to England
M- Traveled Euroupe as a child prodigy
H- Marries at 28, no children
M- Marries at 26, 2 children
H- employed by the Esterhazy family
M- employed by archbishop of Salzhurg
Freelance experience
H- settle in Vienna in 1790 and becomes it at 58
M- settles in Vienna in 1781 and becomes it at 25
H- the greatest composer alive
M- an extraordinarily gifted musician
date and place of death
H- dies in 1809 in Vienna at 77
M- dies in 1791 in Vienna at 35
H- very productive, M- same