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Copy/pasted from Mariner High version.


A brief recounting of a relevant episode. [These] are often inserted into fictional or nonfictional texts as a way of developing a point or injecting humor.


Explanatory notes added to a text to explain, cite sources, or give bibliographical data.


The major character opposing a hero, or protagonist


The assigning of human characteristics and feelings to animals and nonhuman things.


Arrangement of descriptive or narrative details so that lesser or trivial confronts the reader when he expects something greater or more serious. It can provide humor—"The duty of a sailor in the navy is to protect the country and peel potatoes."


A protagonist lacking in heroic qualities like courage, idealism, and honest.


A balancing of two opposite or contrasting words, phrases, or clauses.


Concise statements of a principle or precept given in pointed words.—"Our life is frittered away by details."


Repetition of a vowel sound within two or more words in close proximity.


Commas used (with no conjunction) to separate a series of words. The parts are emphasized equally when the conjunction is omitted; in addition, the use of commas with no intervening conjunction speeds up the flow of the sentence. [This] takes the form of x,y,z as opposed to x, y, and z.

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