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  1. cavernous sinus thrombosis
  2. Tx for postherpetic neuralgia
  3. oral ATBs and compresses
  4. internal hordeola
  5. Acute orbital cellulitis
  1. a antidepressants, gabapentin or pregabalin
  2. b involve meibomian glands (found inside lid)
  3. c Acute orbital cellulitis: what may postseptal progress to?
  4. d Acute orbital cellulitis: tx for preseptal
  5. e Usually due to extension of bacterial sinusitis; Threatens vision & life

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  1. Causes of acute orbital cellulitits
  2. due to obstruction of nasolacrimal duct; middle age adults: female>male (3:1); acute or chronic lacrimal sac swelling, irritation & tearing
  3. What is marginal blepharitis assoc with?
  4. Autoimmune inflammation of extraocular muscles & periorbital connective tissue (Grave's dz)
  5. Demodex follicularum (hair follicle mite) and
    Demodex brevis (sebaceous gland mite) may infect pilosebaceous unit of lid & cause...

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  1. tissue of orbit and posterior to septumUsually due to extension of bacterial sinusitis; Threatens vision & life


  2. same as preseptal plus proptosis, restricted EOM and visual disturbanceStaphylococcal marginal blepharitis: what can happen with eye lashes?


  3. Red lid margins with greasy scale, not clustered at lash root and do not bleed or ulcerate when removedPresentation of Staphylococcal marginal blepharitis


  4. external hordeolainvolve meibomian glands (found inside lid)


  5. Seborrheic marginal blepharitisPresents w/ burning, itching & red eyelids; End result is lid margin scarring w/ misdirection of eye lashes (trichiasis) & corneal injury.