(RNW) Lesson 5: Pattern and Narration

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Way of NarrationHow the writer presents the storyWay of NarrationThe pace by which scenes are given outTwo Ways of Narration1. Fast-Paced or Clipped Narration 2. Slow-Paced NarrationFast-Paced or Clipped NarrationHe came home and talked to us. Then he left the house and then he drove the car back home.Slow-Paced NarrationHe came and talked to us for a few moments. He seemed upset, but he managed to get through all the bad news. Shaking our hands before he left the house come twilight, he seemed to feel better now that he had delivered the news. He waved from the car as he pulled out of the driveway, narrowly missing the mailbox again, and drove off to return home.TerminologyEmphasizes on the fact that concepts are critical to the narrationTerminologyConcrete, abstract, general, specificConcrete TermsWords that identify things, places, and events that can be measured and observedConcrete Termsmother, father, bread, sister, brother, coffee, paper, rock, scissors, houseAbstract TermsRefer to ideas or concepts that are intangibleAbstract Termslove, peace, freedom, faith, humilityGeneral TermsCommonly used to denote groupsGeneral TermsstudentSpecific TermsRefer to an individual component of a groupSpecific TermsJimson, Lorenzo, Isabella, Rona, Karen, Sean, Tan, Yna