ADV318J ~ Dudo Chapter 10

Evoked Set
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Some brands, like Virginia Slims and Marlboro, have been able to find a point where the social fabric is frayed in some fashion and become the unofficially sanctioned brand of that particular counter-culture.True.Commercials featuring Vince Shlomi, a famous television pitchman, showing how a Slap Chop and a Shamwow can help consumers with a variety of in-home tasks are known as ______________.Demonstration.What is the simplest goal of advertising?Promote brand recall.The set of brands that comes to mind when a category is mentioned is referred to as evoked set.True.In what way are humor ads generally different from other feel good ads?Funny ads are usually great entertainment but may often be pretty bad business investments.One of the strategic implications of transformational advertising is that all constituents welcome the manipulation of the experience.False.In ads for the new Mercedes luxury automobile, they feature the fact that the headlights can actually illuminate around corners. This type of ad attempts to link a key attribute to the brand name.True.Advertisers have long known that when they place their brand in the right social setting, their brand takes on some of the characteristics of its surroundings. As such, in ______________, the social setting and the brand rub off on each other.Slice-of-life ads.One of the strategic implications of reason why, hard sell, and comparison ads is that they give the consumer permission to buy.True.