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Antifungal drugs

destroys or inhibits the growth of fungi

immunity & passive immunity

Passive immunity involves the transfer of antibodies to an animal whereas active immunity involves stimulating the body to produce its own antibodies.

What are the 3 keys for a proper immunization practice?

to vaccinate those animals at risk of infection, to vaccinate at the appropriate stage of life, and to vaccinate with the most effective vaccines

Differentiate between inactivated vaccines & attenuated vaccines

Inactivated vaccines are vaccines with killed microorganisms whereas attenuated vaccines have altered, live microorganisms.

Inactivated viral vaccine

contains dead viruses

Attenuated viral vaccine

contains live but altered viruses where the viruses can still replicate but not cause disease

Outline the sequence of events that occur in the body in response to a vaccination

Macrophages process the antigen for B-cells & T-cells. IgM is produced about 7 days after antigen presentation. IgG is produced about 14 days then declines. Upon subsequent exposure or booster vaccine IgG is produced within 2-3 days & cell-mediated immunity via T-cells is initiated.


the orderly classification of organisms into appropriate categories

Scientific Name

The name given to each species, consisting of its genus and its species label


an organism that lives in or on another organism; one who lives off another person

External parasite

a parasite that lives on a host

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