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Large geographic areas with similar climates and ecosystems
Cold, dry treeless biome with long winters and permafrost
World's largest biome located south of the tundra which has long, cold winters and coniferous forests
Temperate deciduous forest
Biome that has four distinct seasons and large communities of deciduous trees
Tropical rain forest
The most biologically diverse biome found near the equator which receives 200 - 600 cm of rainfall/year
Temperate rain forest
Biome found on the western edge of North and South America with changing seasons and 200-400 cm of rainfall/year
The driest biome on Earth with less than 25 cm of rain/year and has organisms adapted to extreme conditions
Biomes where the vegetation is dominated by grasses that can be found on all continents except Antarctica
Tropical Savanna
Grasslands close to the equator with plants that have adapted to a long dry season and found in Africa, India, Brazil and Australia
A biome with shrubs adapted to dry summers and wet winters and found in parts of California, around the Mediterranean Sea and Southern Australia
Conifers /coniferous trees
Trees that produce seeds in cones and stay green all year ("evergreens").
Deciduous trees/ forests
Hardwood trees that have leaves that change colors and fall off during the winter months or dry seasons.