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  1. motor
  2. motion
  3. amount of current in the wire and the amount of wire coils
  4. mechanical energy
  5. magnetism
  1. a a machine for converting elecrical energy into mechanical energy
  2. b Strength of an electromagnet is determined by _____________________________________________.
  3. c the property, quality or state of being magnetic
  4. d The interaction of the two force fields causes the armature to have energy of ______________.
  5. e energy from a machine

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  1. an invisible area of energy surrounding a magnet (force field)
  2. a group of two or more cells connected together, usually in series, to furnish electrical current
  3. the center
  4. Buzzers work because chemical energy is transformed to __________________ which is transformed into sound energy.
  5. to 'drive back' or force away from another object

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  1. electrical energyenergy from electrical current


  2. electromagneta core of magnetic material surrounded by a coil of wire through which an electric current is passed to magnetize the core


  3. coila single unit used to generate or store electrical energy. Commonly called a battery.


  4. buzzer arm_______________ work because chemical energy is transformed to electrical energy which is transformed into sound energy.


  5. armaturethe moveable part of a motor consisting of coils or wire around a center core