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  1. attract
  2. wires
  3. chemical energy
  4. brush
  5. electrical, chemical & mechanical energy
  1. a What types of energy are present in the motor?
  2. b energy from chemical reactions
  3. c an electrical conductor made of strips of metal that makes sliding contact between a stationary and moving part or a generator or motor
  4. d to draw or pull toward another object
  5. e he chemical energy from the battery changes to electrical energy in the _______________.

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  1. Buzzers work because _________________ is transformed to electrical energy which is transformed into sound energy.
  2. a magnetism developed by a current of electricity
  3. a number of turns or loops of wire which produce an electromagnet effect
  4. energy from electrical current
  5. rapid movement back and forth that produces a sound

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  1. wiresWhat part of the motor system is most directly involved in electrical enery?


  2. North/North or South/SouthWhat poles repel?


  3. repela single unit used to generate or store electrical energy. Commonly called a battery.


  4. lines of forcea covering made from a non-conducting material used to prevent short circuits or shocks from electricity


  5. magnethaving the properties of a magnet