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  1. magnetic field
  2. energy
  3. amount of current in the wire and the amount of wire coils
  4. North and South
  5. chemical and electromagnetic
  1. a What poles attract?
  2. b A ________________ exists around a wire when an electrical current flows through it?
  3. c What form of energy and what force interact to produce the motion energy in the motor?
  4. d the capacity for doing work and overcoming resistance
  5. e Strength of an electromagnet is determined by _____________________________________________.

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  1. energy from a machine
  2. The energy of motion in the buzzer arm causes the buzzer arm to vibrate against the metal angle. This hitting against the metal angle outputs energy in the form of __________________.
  3. What part (matter) of the buzzer system is most directly involved in electrical energy?
  4. lines that show where a force field is located
  5. having the properties of a magnet

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  1. electrical, chemical & mechanical energyBuzzers work because chemical energy is transformed to __________________ which is transformed into sound energy.


  2. insulationrapid movement back and forth that produces a sound


  3. cella single unit used to generate or store electrical energy. Commonly called a battery.


  4. compassthe center


  5. electrical energyenergy from a machine