22 terms

american studies ch 9

James K Polk
was the president during the war with mexico
Steven Kearny
was trying to march from fort Leavenworth, Kansas to santa fe, new mexico, he got the nickname "the long marcher"
General Zachary Taylor
led the troops inside rio grande when the war was starting.
declared independent from Mexico when john freemont seized the rebels proudly
Winfield scott
lead a troup 260 miles without loosing a battle
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
gave the US new mexico and California... payed $15 million for what is now cali, Nevada, new mexico, utah, and Arizona. Guaranteed Mexicans living there freedom from religion, open borders..etc.
Gold rush
brought much diversity to California.
aka agents attracted American settlers to buy Mexican land because it was cheap and they had to obey the Mexican laws.
Fifty Four Forty or Fight
referred to the latitude 54"40' which was the northern limit of the Oregon territory.
played a major role in settling the American west
offered the advantage of speed
Charles Goodyear
vulcanized rubber
Cyrus McCormick
mechanical reeper
John Deere
steel plow
Gadsden Purchase
established the current border
helped link American agriculture and European markets
Santa fe trail
was used for trade
Oregon trail
was used by pioneers to go by wagon or foot
Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
was apart of the lone star republic.. was a military leader.
Treaty of Fort Laramie
provided native American nations control of the central plains
Stephen F. Austin
started texas was an empresario.
Zachary Taylor
easily won the election in 1848