Your son recently purchased a touchscreen laptop to use for his schoolwork. Your son just came home from school and tells you that he accidently dropped his laptop earlier today. You open up the laptop and turn on the screen. You look over the laptop and the screen appears to have some spider web cracks in the panel, but you can still fully see the images on the display. You attempt to use operate the laptop using the touchscreen, but it appears to be fully responsive to your touch. Which of the following components MOST likely needs to be replaced?
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Your son recently purchased a touchscreen laptop to use for his schoolwork. Your son just came home from school and tells you that he accidently dropped his laptop earlier today. You open up the laptop and turn on the screen. You look over the laptop and the screen appears to have some spider web cracks in the panel, but you can still fully see the images on the display. You attempt to use operate the laptop using the touchscreen, but it appears to be fully responsive to your touch. Which of the following components MOST likely needs to be replaced?
As a PC Technician, you are on the road most of the day and use a laptop. When you get back to your office at the end of the day, you want to be able to quickly connect a larger external monitor, keyboard, and mouse to your laptop through a single USB port to perform additional work on the larger screen. Which type of device should you choose to provide all the functionality above?
Jason is attending the CompTIA Partner's Summit convention this year. While at the conference, Jason will need to ensure his smartphone has enough battery power to last the entire day without having to recharge it since it is hard to find an available electrical outlet in the conference rooms. Jason needs to ensure his smartphone is always available for use in order to receive updates from his team back home, as well. Which of the following would you recommend Jason use to ensure he can use the phone all day without his smartphone running out of power?
The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) needs your help. His laptop has stopped working and it will not power on. During your troubleshooting efforts, you have determined the motherboard has failed and needs to be replaced. Unfortunately, it will be a few days before a new motherboard arrives from your supplier. In the meantime, the CFO needs to get some spreadsheets containing the proposed budgets for a new project from the laptop to his desktop in his office. Which of the following actions should you perform to give the CFO access to the files he needs?
You are working on your laptop and the image on the display suddenly becomes very dark and hard to see. You attempt to adjust the brightness and contrast of the laptop's display using the special function keys, but this doesn't really brighten the display much. You pull out a bright flashlight and can see the image displayed a little better when using it. Which of the following components is MOST likely faulty and needs to be replaced?
Jason recently purchases a wearable fitness tracker to count the number of steps he is taking each day. Which of the following technologies is used to determine how many steps he takes each day?AccelerometerA new laptop manufacturer wants to create the thinnest and lightest laptops in the world. To do this, they need to choose the right technology for their displays. Which technology would allow for the thinnest laptop displays?OLEDYou just bought a new Virtual Reality headset to use with your computer. To ensure your computer is ready to support the new VR games, which of the following should you install?A dedicated graphics cardWhich of the following ports should you block at the firewall if you want to prevent a remote login to a server from occurring?22Your company just installed a new web server within your DMZ. You have been asked to open up the port for secure web browsing on the firewall. Which port should you set as open to allow users to access this new server?443Which of the following devices would you configure an ACL in order to implement a security policy within your network?FirewallYour network is running extremely slow. You have troubleshot the issue and determined that there are too many collisions on the network. Your network currently has 20 computers all connected to a single 24-port hub on the network. Which of the following devices should you install to decrease the number of collisions?SwitchYou are trying to select the best device to install in order to proactively stop outside attackers from reaching into your internal network. Which of the following devices would be the BEST for you to select?IPSThe service desk has received numerous calls from different users stating they are receiving a error message concerning duplicate IP addresses being detected on their systems. These users also cannot access the network's file server or browse to any websites. Which of the following servers should the technician check first to troubleshoot this issue?DHCP ServerYou are trying to send an email to your boss, but it refuses to leave your outbox. You see an error message displayed on your screen that tells you to verify your outbound server settings. Which of the following servers should you configure your email client to use in order to ensure your emails are being sent?SMTP ServerYour company has an office in Boston and is worried that its employees may not be able to reach the office during periods of heavy snowfall. You have been asked to select a technology that would allow employees to work remotely from their home during poor weather conditions. Which of the following should you select?VPNYour home network has a wireless access point (WAP) that allows your smartphone and tablet to connect to your internal network. The WAP is connected to a router and a cable modem in order to provide internet access. There is a coaxial cable that carries the network traffic from the cable modem to the cable company's central office for transmission to and from the internet. Which of the following types of networks would best describe this network configuration between your home network and the internet through your cable modem connection?WANYou just configured your iPhone to connect to your car's stereo over Bluetooth in order to play your favorite podcasts while driving to work. What type of network did you create between your iPhone and your car?PANWhich type of internet connection is terminated at a local switching center and then requires a different type of media between the switching center and the end customer?DSLYou work for the city's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). There are five DMV locations spread out across the city that you have been asked to connect with a network. You have created a list of requirements for this network, including that it must be wired and support at least 1 Gbps of bandwidth. Which of the following types of network would MOST likely be used for the DMV to securely connect their internet networks together across the city?MANYour company is currently using a 5 GHz wireless security system, so your boss has asked you to install a 2.4 GHz wireless network to use for the company's computer network to prevent interference. Which of the following can NOT be installed to provide a 2.4 GHz wireless network?802.11acYou have just setup a Minecraft server on a spare computer within your network and want to allow your friends to connect to it over the internet. What do you need to configure in your SOHO router to allow your friends to connect to the new Minecraft server you created?Configure port forwardingYou have been asked to install a new wireless network for your company's new branch office. Your boss wants the network to be extremely fast and is willing to buy new hardware and network adapters to ensure all the devices can communicate on the new network. Which of the following wireless standards should you install for the fastest data transfer speeds?802.11avYour boss has requested that you replace all of the hubs in the network with switches. What is the MOST likely reason for doing this?Using hubs causes too many collisions on the networkA workstation is having intermittent issues and continues to receive system errors or freeze. You believe that the problem is being caused by the workstation's motherboard not getting the proper amount of power to it, and you want to perform a test to confirm your theory. Which of the following tools should you use to determine the if the proper amount of power is being supplied to the motherboard?MultimeterWhich of the following types of cables supports both charging and data transfer with a non-directional connector that can be inserted into a port on the device?USB-CYou have been asked to install a network cable in the crawl space between the ceiling in your office and the roof. You need to choose the right type of cable to ensure you are not violating the local fire codes. Which of the following cable types should you choose?PlenumYou have been asked to install a network cable to run a television signal between two buildings. Which of the following cable types should you choose?CoaxialA user wants to print a spreadsheet horizontally on a piece of paper instead of vertically in order to fit more columns on a single page. What setting should the user enable on the printer for this print job to achieve this result?OrientationThe large multi-function printer in your office is shared between 12 people. Unfortunately, it has stopped working and the technicians have determined it must be replaced. A new printer has been ordered, but it will be 2 weeks until it arrives. The only other printer available in your office is the manager's printer, but it is connected via USB to their workstation. One of the technicians would like to share the manager's printer with the other 12 employees for the next 2 weeks as a temporary workaround. Unfortunately, there are no spare wired network jacks available in the office for them to directly connect the printer to the network, but there is a wireless access point nearby. Which of the following is the BEST way for the technician to allow the 12 employees to access the manager's printer?Purchase a portable wireless print server and connect the printer to it using USBYour company's printer is displaying an error of "Replace cartridge 1. Filament is empty." Based on this error, what kind of printer is your company using?3DWhat type of connector is most commonly used to terminate an Ethernet cable?RJ-45Which of the following types of connectors are used to terminate a household telephone cable?RJ-11Which of the following types of cable or connector is a coaxial cable that is used with your cable modem?RG-6You are troubleshooting a memory issue on a customer's laptop and have determined that the memory module needs to be replaced. You walk into the storage room to select a memory module to use as a replacement. Which of the following choices would be the MOST LIKELY choice for you to select for use in the laptop?SODIMMYour laptop currently has a 128 GB SSD installed and currently running out of internal storage space. You want to upgrade the workstation with more internal storage in order to store additional videos, photos, and backups, but you don't want to sacrifice data access speed for increased storage. Which of the following is the BEST storage solution to meet your need to store more data while maintaining fast data access speeds?1 TN SSDYou are building a Gaming PC in order to support a high-end virtual realty headset. The computer needs a high-end processor, lots of RAM, and a dedicated high-end graphics card. This graphics card will be installed in one of your expansion slots on your motherboard. Which of the following motherboard connections will most likely be used to connect the graphics card?PCIeWhich of the following devices is MOST commonly used by a user to provide input to their workstation?KeyboardWhich of the following devices would allow you to control and provide input commands to multiple servers within the same server rack using a single set of input devices?KVMYou are working at a Managed Service Provider for a large chain of doctor's offices. The company is opening a new office downtown and needs 2 computers to be installed at the front desk to allow customers to self-check-in for their appointments and view/edit their personal contact information. Which of the following type of computers would BEST meet the needs of this doctor's office?Touch Screen KioskYou are building a new server and want to ensure that its memory can allow the server to continue working even if there is an issue that corrupts data held within the memory modules. Which of the following types of memory should you select for the server?ECCYou are installing some new hard drives in a legacy Novell NetWare server in a closed IPX network. The hard drive has a 4-bit set of jumpers that must be configured to represent the ID number (0-15) of the device in the storage device chain. Which of the following types of connectors would you use for data transfer with these hard drives?SCSIYou are building a BitCoin mining workstation that will have multiple graphics cards, lots of memory, and an octa-core processor. This computer is expected to generate a lot of heat during its operations. Which of the following solutions would MOST efficiently dissipate all of the heat produced?Liquid cooling systemYou want to build a new gaming computer, but intend to reuse as many of the parts as possible from your old computer. You have determined that the motherboard and the case will be reused, and you will purchase a new graphics card, sound card, network interface card, and a USB 3.0 expansion card to increase your systems overall speed and performance. You are a bit worried that your old computer's power supply may not be able to support all of these new expansion cards. Which of the following cards is MOST likely to consume the most power during operations and require you to purchase a new power supply to support it?Graphics cardYou are working for a logistics company that needs to get a device that will let them automatically enter information about a package when it is read using light and a lens. Which of the following devices should you install to BEST support this requirement?Barcode readerYou are attempting to install a full-sized PCIe network interface card into a 1U server but the card is too tall to fit into the machine. Which of the following do you need to install first in order to then install the full-sized PCIe network interface card into the server?Riser cardthat there are 4 DIMM sockets on the motherboard labeled 0, 1, 2, and 3. Two of these are colored red and two are colored blue. Which of the following should you do FIRST?Consult the motherboard's manualYou are working as part of the server team for an online retail store. Due to the upcoming holidays, your boss is worried that the current servers may not be able to handle the increased demand during a big sale. Which of the following cloud computing concepts can quickly allow services to scale upward during busy periods and scale downward during slower periods based on the changing user demand?Rapid elasticityYour company has decided to begin moving some of its data into the cloud. Currently, your company's network consists of both on-premise storage and some cloud-based storage. Which of the following types of clouds is your company currently using?HybridYour company has decided to move all of its data into the cloud. Your company is small and has decided to purchase some on-demand cloud storage resources from a commercial provider (such as Google Drive) as its primary cloud storage solution. Which of the following types of clouds is your company using?PublicYou want to create a website for your new technical support business. You decide to purchase an on-demand cloud-based server and install Linux, Apache, and WordPress on it to run your website. Which of the following best describes which type of service you have just purchased?IaaSYou want to play computer-based videos games from anywhere in the world using your laptop or tablet. You heard about a new product called a Shadow PC that is a virtualized Windows 10 Home gaming PC in the cloud. Which of the following best describes thistype of service?DaasYou have been asked to develop a solution for one of your customers. The customer is a software development company and they need to be able to test a wide variety of operating systems to test the software applications their company is developing internally. The company doesn't want to buy a bunch of computers to install all of these operating systems on for testing. Which of the following solutions would BEST meet the company's requirements?Purchase a high-end computer that has a lot of CPU cores and RAM, install a hypervisor, and configure a virtual machine for each operating system that will be used to test the applications being developedWhich of the following is the virtualization technology supported by most modern Intel processors?VTWhich of the following resources is used by virtual machines to communicate with other virtual machines on the same network but prevents them from communicating with resources on the internet?Virtual Internal NetworkWhich cloud computing concept is BEST described as focusing on the replacement of applications and programs on a customer's workstation with cloud-based resources?SaaSYou work for a bank that is interested in moving some of its operations to the cloud, but it is worried about security. You recently discovered an organization called CloudBank that was formed by 15 local banks as a way for them to build a secure cloud-based environment that can be accessed by the 15 member banks. Which cloud model BEST describes the cloud created by CloudBank?Community CloudA military contracting firm is worried about proprietary corporate information being removed from the company's network. To combat this, they have created very strict rules regarding what types of information can leave their office building. You have been asked to fix a workstation for the company and have been brought on-site to troubleshoot the issue. You have properly followed the troubleshooting steps and have creating a plan of action to fix the workstation. Unfortunately, your solution will require that the workstation be taken back to your off-site repair shop to fully solve the workstation's problems. What is the NEXT thing you should do in order to fix this workstation?Verify the contracting firm's corporate policies regarding removal of a workstation for repairsThe video editor at Dion Training has submitted a trouble ticket that states her editing workstation is making a loud clicking noise whenever she is editing videos for an upcoming course. You initially thought the system fans were causing the noise. You have replaced the fans but the noise continues to be heard when applications are loaded or the videos are being edited. Which of the following actions should you perform NEXT?Perform a full backup of the hard diskYou are working as a technician for a college. One of the professors has submitted a trouble ticket stating that the projector connected to the workstation in his classroom is too dim. You look at the image being projected on the wall and notice it is dim, but the image appears to be displayed clearly and correctly. What is the FIRST thing you should do to make the image brighter?Increase the contrast on the projectorYou are setting up a projector and a laptop for use in the conference room for a big presentation. You start up the presentation software and mirror the laptop's display to the projector. The image on the screen from the projector is flickering intermittently, but the image on the laptop's display is working with no issues. You attempt to change the resolution of the laptop to a lower setting and to a higher setting, but still, the flickering of the projector persists. Which of the following steps should you attempt NEXT?Ensure the display cable is securely connected to both the laptop and the projectorYou are working as a laptop repair technician. You just received a laptop that was reported to have a glass of water spilled on it. You want to examine the components in the laptop to begin troubleshooting it. What are the first steps you should take as part of your troubleshooting process?Remove the external casing of the laptop and document the screw locationsYou had just bought a top of the line smartphone 2 months ago. In the last week though, the smartphone seems to be running slowly. About 3 weeks ago, a new version of the phone's operating system was installed. At first, everything was still working fine, but this week the smartphone is very sluggish. You brought the smartphone back to the store to diagnose the problem. They have run a full set of diagnostics on the hardware of the smartphone, but no issues were found to exist with the hardware. What do you think is MOST likely causing the poor performance with this smartphone?A lot of the apps on the device are performing an update based on the newer OS being releasedThe touch screen on your Windows 10 laptop is not working properly. You have been asked to troubleshoot the laptop. What should you check FIRST?Digitizer settingsTom is a salesman who is trying to print a 3-page report to the network printer located in the Sales department's office space. He walks over to the printer but doesn't see the pages in the printer's output tray. He checks the on-screen display of the printer, but he doesn't see any errors listed. Tom tries a few more times, but he gets the same results. Frustrated, Tom selects the network printer for the Customer Service department and sends his print job there. He walks over to their offices and finds his 3-page report sitting in that printer's output tray. Tom asks you to help him solve this printing problem. What action should you take FIRST to help solve Tom's problem?Verify that Tom has been sending the document to the correct network printer's cueYou just printed a new sign for your office using a thick cardstock paper with your network printer. Unfortunately, when you pick up the cardstock from the laser printer's output tray, the printed image smears across the paper. Attempting to troubleshooting this problem, you decide to print another sign using regular printer paper and determine that the image does not smear when touched on the regular printer paper.Which of the following would be the NEXT step to perform in your troubleshooting efforts?Increase the temperature of the fuser elementYou are seeing some fading across your papers when you are printing things using your office's laser printer. It appears that the black is more faded than the colors on your documents. What is the BEST solution to this problem?Replace the toner cartridge in the printerJosie from Human Resources was just issued a new laptop from the company. When she plugs the laptop into the network's wall jack and turns it on, she receives an error message. She calls the service desk to report that error message being displayed states, "There is an IP address conflict with another system on the network." You are working as a field service technician and have been asked to resolve this error. What should you do?Configure the laptop's network connection to use DHCP instead of static IPYou are troubleshooting an issue with multiple workstations that are having network connectivity issues. The network also has two servers that are connected to the network, but they are not having any connectivity issues. You look at the network configuration of the two servers and notice they are using static IP addresses. Based on what you know so far, what is most likely the cause of the workstation's network connectivity issue?The workstations are most likely configured to use dynamically assigned IP addresses and the DHCP is not working properlyJason's cellphone company allows him to use his smartphone as a wireless hotspot with his laptop when traveling. Jason notices that if he runs a speed test from his smartphone, the cellular connection is 8761 kbps. If he runs the same speed test connection from his laptop which is connected to his cellphone over its wireless hotspot,the speed drops to 243 kbps. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause for the drop in the speed test results?The wireless hotspot feature is throttling the cellular connectionYou attempt to log on to a Windows workstation and an error message pops up which says there is a duplicate IP address detected on the network. You restart the workstation, but when you attempt to log in again the same error is displayed. Which of the following is MOST likely causing this error message to occur?A static address has been configured on the workstationWhich of the following is the third step of the CompTIA troubleshooting methodology?Test the theory to determine the causeYou are troubleshooting a computer that will not boot. After gathering information from the client about the symptoms they have experienced, you believe the power supply may be faulty. You used a power supply tester to determine if the power supply is providing the right amount of output voltage and have determined the power supply is only providing 50% of the voltage that it is supposed to provide to the workstation. What is the next step you should perform according to the CompTIA troubleshooting methodology?Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem and then implement the solutionA client is reporting that their workstation is continually crashing when they are using certain applications on their Windows system. The system will simply stop working and display a BSOD error on the screen. Which of the following is the most likely cause of this BSOD error?Failure or corruption of the memoryYou are working as a customer service technician at a smartphone repair center. A customer calls your help desk and states that the device feels warm to the touch even when not being actively used. You ask them to conduct a visual inspection of the smartphone and describe what they are seeing. The customer says, "The battery appears to be swollen and bulging outward beyond its normally rectangular shape." Which of the following is the BEST statement for you to provide to the customer?"Please do not use the smartphone and bring it into our service center immediately so that we can replace the battery for youA user is complaining that they are hearing awhining noise coming from their workstation. You begin to troubleshoot the issue and determine that it is not an issue with the hard drive but instead is caused by the case fan. Which of the following actions would BEST solve this issue?Replace the case fanA client is attempting to power on their computer, but it keeps booting to the incorrect hard drive. Which of the following actions should you perform to attempt to fix this problem?Reconfigure the boot order in the BIOS/UEFIA client states that their computer is experiencing slow performance when reading or writing to the hard drive. You have already verified that it is not a system (software) performance issue and the system is not overheating. Which of the following would be the BEST action to take in attempting to fix this problem?Run the disc repair toolA client has a workstation with a RAID 5 configuration and reports that slower than normal performance is occurring when reading/writing files to the RAID. You run a diagnostic program against the RAID and the system passes all of the diagnostic tests without any issues. While you are running the tests, though, you heard clicking noises coming from the RAID. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the slow performance being experienced by the client?Hard driveYou are traveling to Thailand for a business trip. Your laptop's touchscreen display is visibly flickering when plugged into the power outlet at a local coffee shop. You take your laptop to your hotel room and you notice it doesn't flicker when plugged in there. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this issue?The coffee shop was experiencing power fluctuations that led to the flickering of the display