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APUSH Cold War

June 1944
Second front begins
Germany Surrenders
V-E Day
May, 1945
July 1945
Truman, Atlee, Stalin
division of Germany, warning to Spain
Peace Treaty
February, 1945
Yalta: FDR, Churchill, Stalin
plans for post-war Europe
preceded by Teheran (1943)
V-J Day
surrender of Japan ending WWII
September 2nd, 1945 officially signed
Munich Pact
failed act of appeasement toward Nazi Germany in face of demands made by Hitler
Tripartite Pact
September, 1940
Germany, Italy and Japan
Newfoundland Conference
Atlantic Charter (FDR and Churchill)
August 1941
Pearl Harbor and US Declaration of War
December, 1941
Stimson Doctrine
1931 (following Japanese seizure of manchuria)
to Japan and China, of non-recognition of international territorial changes that were executed by force.
Germany militarizes Rhineland
FDR Quarantine Speech
Beginning of War in Europe
Spetember 1, 1939
invasion of Poland by Germany and USSR
US repeals arms embargo (Brit. and France and Chine "cash and carry")
Japan closes China's Open Door
Proposal of Land-Lease
Dec. 17th, 1940
Arsenal of Democracy Speech
Dec. 29th, 1940
Lend-Lease passed in Congress
March, 1941
Japan Invades Indochina
December, 1941
Sinking of US destroyers Greer and Reuben James
FDR: executive order forbidding sale of gas and scrap iron to Japan
Germany attacks USSR (violating non-aggression pact)
US-Japanese meetings

Pearl Harbor and Declaration of War
Hiroshima and Nagasaki
August 1945
Japan surrenders
Battle of Midway
June, 1942
US defeats Japanese Navy
US declares War on Germany
December, 1941