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Political Appointees

people who the president has chosen based on proven executive ability or were important supporters - employment usually ends when president leaves office

Regulatory Commissions

do not have to report to the president, created to protect the public - make and enforce rules for industries and groups (F.C.C. broadcasting rules)


prepares the federal budget and monitors/oversees the federal budget

Trade Sanctions

efforts to punish another nation by imposing trade barriers


an order to delay a person's punishment until a higher court can hear the case

Executive Agreement

an agreement between the president and the leader of another country

Chief of Staff

most powerful presidential advisor

Executive Agencies

independent agencies responsible for dealing with certain specialized areas within the government (NASA)

Government Corporations

private businesses owned and run by the government

executive order

rule or command that has the force of law

National Security Council

helps president direct military and foreign policy, handles matters affecting the security of the country


an agreement among a group of nations that prohibits them from trading with a target nation

foreign policy

a nation's plan for dealing with other nations

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