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brown headed cow bird

pointed bill; brown head and metallic green-black body

acorn woodpecker

red cap; distinctive whitish eye; black chin, yellowish throat; white cheeks and forehead; *hourglass shape on face*

nuttall's woodpecker

black forecrown, ear patches; red occipital patch in male; white chin, throat and underparts; alternating black-and-white stripe down center of back; black spots on sides *jailbird*

turkey vulture

naked read head, ivory bill, red legs; brownish black body; contrasting underwings show in flight; tail extends beyond feet in flight

black phoebe

black head, breast, underparts; straight black bill with slight hook at tip; white belly and undertail


gray above; paler below; noticably long tail

european starling

iridescent black breeding plumage; yellow bill; fall and winter feathers tipped in white

great egret

large white heron with heavy yellow bill; black legs and feet; breeding adult has long plumes trailing from its back, extending beyond the tail; green facial skin

double-crested cormorant

large yellow-orange throat pouch; bill hooked at tip; in breeding males, small white tufts of feathers behind eyes; distinctive kinked neck when flying

california towhee

brownish color; buff throat and lores

red-winged blackbird

glossy black; red shoulder patches broadly tipped with buffy yellow

brewer's blackbird

black with purplish gloss on head and neck; greenish gloss on body and wings; bill is sharp, straight; yellow eyes

white-crowned sparrow

black-and-white striped crown; underparts mostly gray; brownish upperparts with blackish brown streaking; pink, orange, or yellow bill

housefinch (male)

red brow, bib, and rump; bib setoff from streaked underparts

housefinch (female)

brown streaked overall

american wigeon (male)

white forehead and cap; dark green patch from eye to nape; warm brown breast and sides

american wigeon (female)

gray forehead and cap; warm brown breast and sides

american coot

blackish head and neck; whitish bill with dark band at tip; slate body

snowy egret

white feathers, black beak and legs, yellow feet, red eyes *frostbitten beak*

red-tailed hawk

brown body, heavy beak; distinctive rufous tail; whitish belly with dark streaks; dark bar on leading edge of underwing

yellow-rumped warbler

bright yellow rump; yellow patch on sides; yellow crown patch; white wing bars and tail patches

mourning dove

small, tan head with black spot on lower cheek; pinkish wash below; trim body with long tail tapered to a point; brownish gray upper parts, black spots on upper wings

allen's hummingbird

male has full red-orange gorget; white patch below throat extends as a line onto center of belly; green crown and back

anna's hummingbird

deep rose-red head, throat and sides of neck in males; grayish underparts washed with varying amounts of green

brown pelican

gray-brown body, black belly; very long bill with skin pouch; white head with yellow wash

great blue heron

grey-blue heron; white foreneck with black streaks, black stripe extends above eye

canada goose

black head and neck marked with distinctive white chin strap; pale breast color

green-winged teal

reddish-brown head with a green bar; green tipped wings; black bill

mallard (male)

male had metallic green head, white collar, bright chestnut breast

mallard (female)

female has brown mottled plumage, orange bill marked with black; white tail and underwing


The breeding male is patterned grey, with a black rear end, light chestnut wings, and a brilliant white speculum,

red-breasted merganser

dark green head, shaggy double crest in male; bright chestnut neck, crestedhead in female; long, hooded red bill and red eye; white chin, throat and breast


large raptor; dark brown above, white below; white head, dark eye strip, gray beak

white-tailed kite

long, pointed wings; large black shoulder patches; long, mostly white tail and underparts

sharp-shinned hawk

Adults have short broad wings and a long square-ended tail banded in blackish and grey; Legs yellowish. The hooked bill is black

red-shouldered hawk

spotted brown plumage with reddish shoulders, wing lining, and chest; a long tail with broad white tail bands; long, golden-yellow legs


blue gray back; buff underparts, heavily streaked with black to reddish brown; tail tip is black with a narrow white band at the end; eyes and beak are dark; feet are yellow with black claws


dark-marked brown upperparts; blue-grey face and underparts; black and white barring on the flanks; short thick yellow bill; black markings on the face at the base of the bill and on the throat

black-bellied plover

roundish head and body, dark legs; large eyes, short bill; breeding male has frosted crown and nape, black breast and belly


tan to chocolate brown above, white neck and belly; black double breast bands; black stripe on forehead and extending back from black bill; reddish eye ring

western sandpiper

*black legs*; thin, slightly decurved, slightly longer bill; brown grey underparts; dark streaked neck and breast; white belly and undertail

least sandpiper

*yellowish to greenish legs*; thin, slightly decurved bill; brown grey underparts; dark streaked neck and breast; white belly and undertail

long-billed dowitcher

long, straight, dark bill; pale supercilium; greenish yellow legs; dark barring on throat, breast, and belly

california gull

white head; white underparts; white neck and breast; gray back; yellow bill with black and red spots on lower mandible; dark eyes; *yellow legs*

western gull

dark gray-black back, larger than cali gull, white head and body; yellowish bill with a red spot; *pink legs*

royal tern

long yellow bill, pale grey upperparts and white underparts. Its legs are black *small tern*

elegant tern

long, slender orange bill, pale grey upperparts and white underparts. Its legs are black *medium sized tern*
(bigger one in the pic)

black-hooded parakeet

mostly green in color; black facial mask and beak; black trailing flight feathers on its wings; long tail edged at the end in blue; the upper chest is bluish-green, lower chest is a paler green. Feathers covering the thighs are red.

red-breasted sapsucker

red head, nape and breast; black back spotted with white or yellow; yellow to pale-yellow wash on belly; large white wing patch in flight

downy woodpecker

white belly, back and outer tail feathers; black stubby bill; black malar stripe, cap, ear patch, nape, shoulders, central tail feathers; red occipital patch in male

western kingbird

ashy-grey head, neck and breast; back tinged with olive; black tail with white sides; lemon yellow belly

violet-green swallow

velvet green upperparts; white underparts and a forked tail; white patches on the side of the rump. The head is more coppery or brownish than the back, and the rump is glossy violet; white throat area extends behind and above the eyes

northern rough-winged swallow

brown on top with light underparts and a forked tail; dusky throat and breast

western scrub-jay

dark blue upperparts; whitish to buff underparts; white eyebrow; dark eyepatch; whitish, streaked throat; bluish band on chest; bluish undertail

american crow

long, heavy, black bill; black iridescent plumage overall; short, slightly rounded tail

common raven

larger than the american crow; wedge shaped tail seen in flight

oak titmouse

short crest; grayish brown upperparts; paler gray face and underparts; short, stout bill; light gray legs and feet *party hat*

white-breasted nuthatch

black cap; all white face and breast; thin black bill, tip slightly upturned; blue-grey upperparts; rust below to variable extents

house wren

faint eyebrow; thin, slightly decurved bill; grayish brown upperparts; pale gray underparts; fine black barrings on wing and tail

western bluebird

chestnut shoulders, upper back; deep purple-blue underparts and throat; chestnut breast, sides and flanks

northern mockingbird

gray plumage; dark wings and tail; white wing patches and outer tail feathers

orange-crowned warbler

olive-grey upperparts; yellowish underparts with faint streaking; thin pointed bill; faint line over their eyes and a faint broken eye ring; orange patch on the crown is usually not visible

common yellowthroat

olive back, wing and tail; yellow throat and chest; white belly; black face mask which stretches from the side of the neck across the eyes and forehead; bordered above with white or gray

lazuli bunting

bright blue head and back ; conspicuous white wingbars; light rusty breast and white belly

spotted towhee

black upperparts and hood; rufous sides; white upperparts; white spots on back and scapulars; two white wing bars; long tail with white spots

song sparrow

upperparts streaked; underparts whitish with coarse streaking and central breast spot; long, rounded tail; broad, grayish eyebrow; broad, dark maylar stripe

hooded oriole

pointed bill and white wing bars; orange head with black on the face and throat; black on the back, wings and tail, orange on the underparts

bullock's (northern) oriole

bold white patch on wing; orange underparts and outer tail feathers; black crown, nape, eye stripe, throat patch

lesser goldfinch

all black crown; deep green back; bright yellow underparts and big white patches in the tail and on the wings

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