What is the meaning of human history?

Christian Theism
History is linear, a meaningful sequence of events leading to the fulfillment of God's purposes for humanity.
History is linear, for the course of the cosmos was determined at creation. Still the meaning of the events of history remains to be understood by the application of human reason to the data unearthed & made available to historians.
History is a linear stream of events linked by cause & effect but without an overarching purpose.
Denies the possibility of knowledge.
Atheistic Existentialism
Accepts naturalism's answer to WVQ 7.
Theistic Existentialism
History as a record of events is uncertain & unimportant, but history as a model or type or myth to be made present & lived is of supreme importance.
New Age or New Consciousness
History as a record of events that actually occurred in the past is of little interest, but cosmic history which ends with the deification of humanity, especially the individual human self, is seen as a great vision & a great hope.
This viewpoint is in flux, as is its take on the significance of human history, including its own history.
(This is really a set of pressures on all world views existing today rather than a world view itself)