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the process of obtaining and using oxygen in the body


a sheet of muscle below the chest cavity that helps control breathing


a stiff tube lined with cartilage that transports air between the throat and lungs


a sticky fluid that traps and prevents foreign particles from entering the body


small hairlike structures that move small particles of dirt out of the respiratory system


the process by which a substance such as gas moves from areas of high concentration to areas of low concentration


tiny air sacs at the end of each bronchiole; look like tiny grape clusters

What exchanges carbon dioxide for air?


What 2 main muscles controls breathing?

lungs and diaphragm


controls were the food and oxygen go [like a traffic cop]

What controls your breathing automatically?

your brain

What percent of the air we breath is nitrogen?


What percent of the air we breath is oxygen?

21 %

Who has a larger larynx and vocal cords men or women?


What does deep breathing and yawning help get rid of?

carbon dioxide

allergies and asthma cause airways to do what?


What do you need to turn food into energy?


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