PTCB: Law: Practice 03: Controlled Substances

1 time per year
How often a pharmacy is allowed per calendar year to request DEA authorization to destroy damaged, outdated or otherwise unwanted controlled substances.
18 Y.O.
Exempt narcotics may be sold by a pharmacist without a prescription to people at least ______.
bound record book
Records for the sales of exempt narcotics must be kept in a ______.
CI (Schedule I)
1.) High potential for abuse
2.) No accepted medical use in the U.S.
CII (Schedule II)
1.) High potential for abuse and may lead to physical or psychological dependence
2.) Currently accepted medical use
1.) Require a written Rx, signed by MD
2.) No refills (New Rx required)
2.) No expiration date, but RPh must determine that Rx is still necessary.
3.) An oral order is only permitted in an emergency situation.
CII, 7 years, 2 years
_______ records must be kept for _______ and all other records for ________, unless the state requirement is different.
Schedule II
________ drugs are generally stored in a locked, tamper-proof narcotics cabinet that is usually secured to the floor or wall.
CIII (Schedule III)
1.) Potential for abuse less than CI & CII
2.) Currently accepted medical use
CIV (Schedule IV)
1.) Low potential for abuse than CIII
2.) Currently accepted medical use
CV (Schedule V)
1.) Low potential for abuse than CIV
2.) Currently accepted medical use
________ do NOT require federal order forms because of their lower potential for abuse.
1.) Refilled up to 5x in 6 mo from date of issue
2.) New Rx required after 5 fills or 6 mo
DEA Form 222
Used to order Schedule I& II controlled substances
DEA Form 222 (attributes)
1.) Triplicate form.
2.) Must be kept in a secure location.
3.) Max of 10 different drugs can be ordered on one form.
DEA Form 41
1.) Pharmacy must complete this form for DEA listing all drugs to be destroyed.
2.) Must be filled out for breakage/spillage of controlled substances.
3.) Letter must be prepared along with this form with names of at least 2 people who will witness the destruction and the method by which it will be done.
Registrants Inventory of Drugs Surrendered
Form 41 is also known as a ______.
RPh approved and documented the sale in the record book
Pharmacy technicians may sell exempt narcotics only AFTER ______.
48 hours
______ is the minimum amount of time that a patient must wait before purchasing another bottle of an exempt narcotic.
72 hours
______ the amount of time a pharmacist has to complete the partial filling of a Schedule II Rx.