45 terms

Medical Assistant Exam Review Set 1

True false questions from Practice Test
A patient with a rapid pulse has bradycardia - Tor F
False Bradycardia means slow pulse
Water-soluble vitamins are A,D,E, and K - Tor F
False These vitamins are not soluble in water
Carbon dioxide is a waste product of metabolism - T or F
Some states consider it legal for medical assistants to diagnose a condition and prescribe treament - T or F
False - CMAs can not diagnose or prescribe anywhere
It is illegal for a patient to be denied a copy of his chart if he is uable to pay the fee to obtain it - T or F
True - Patients can always have their own records
A physician cannot be held responsible for the actions of employees - Tor F
False - Physiciansand other employers can be held accountable for the actions of their employees
A substance used to impart color to tissue or cells in order to study and identify microscopic organisms is called a stain - T or F
Another name for a heart attack is myorcardial infarction - T or F
A properly collected sputum specimen should contain both mucus coughed up from the respiratory tract and saliva - T or F
False - A properly collected sample should only contain mucus
The most reliable and timely method of transporting microbiologic specimens is pickup by the laboratory - T or F
Hepat stands for root of kidney - T or F
False - Hepat stands for root of liver
A medical assistant needs additional training to be able to perform microbiologic tests, such as sensitivity tes, and to interpret cultures of speciments - T or F
Viruses are found in soil and water - T or F
The process of blood cells clumping together to form a clot is called coagulation - T or F
Water contributes about 65% of body weight - T or F
The lowest level of organization for the human body begins at the chemical level - T or F
The law requires all employers to withhold money from employees' net earning to pay federal, state and local income taxes - T or F
False - taxes are withheld from gross earnings not net earnings
Carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins are examples of compounds - T or F
The optimal temperature to promote growth of bacteria in a culture medium is 37 degrees celsius - T or F
Bacteria that stain purple are gram positive - T or F
The dorsal cavity is located in the front of the body - T or F
False - dorsal refers to back
Neoplasms are 'new growths" and are cancerous or non-cancerous - T or f
The ventricles have one-way valves at their entrances and exits so that blood goes in the proper direction as the heart pumps - T or F
A living will is intended to help families of terminally ill patients deal with the inevitable outcome and limit unnecessary medical costs - T or F
A co-payment is a fixed percentage of covered charges after the deductible is met - T or F
False - a copayment is a set amount paid for a service before insurance pays
All medical practices have to cover worker's compensation cases - T or F
False - medical practices can choose not to participate in workmen's compensation programs
The study of all factors that cause disease is known as etiology - T or F
A check from an insurance company includes payment for only one patient - T or F
False - An insurance company check will include payment for patients who carry the same insurance
Calcium in milk can diminish the absorption of some antibiotics - T or F
Compounded interest is paid on the initial investment and on the interest earned on the investment - T or F
An employer must pay FUTA tax if employees' wages total more than $1500 in any quarter - T or F
Vesting means that you have a legal right to all the money in your account - T or F
Trichinella spiralis is a roundworm that enters the body in infected meat eaten raw or undercooked - T or F
In a medical practice, accounts receivable describes the money that is paid out to run the practice - T or F
False - Accounts receivable is the money that is due based on services rendered
A customary fee is the fee a doctor charges for a service or procedure - T or F
False - a customary fee is the normal fee associated with a service in a general geographical region
The physician usually authorizes several people to handle the purchasing of supplies and other products - T or F
False - Usually only one person is authorized to handle the purchasing of supplies and products
Infarction is an area of dead tissue caused by an invasion of bacteria or loss of blood supply - T or F
The percentage the employer pays for federal unemployment taxes decreases if the employer also pays state unemployment taxes - T or F
Untreate strep throat is not serious and does not lead to complications - T or f
False - Untreated strep throat can lead to other more serious diseases such as rheumatic fever
Metabolism is the sum of all cellular processes that build, maintain and supply energy to living tissue - T or F
The daily recommended allowance for fat in the adult diet is 50% to 60% - T or F
False - Fat should be no more than 30% of your diet
The typical American diet contains 2 to 5 g sodium daily - T or F
Most fungi do not cause disease in humans - T or F
Encephal means neck - T or F
False - Encephal means brain
Cyst means bladder - T or F