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  1. 9. What is a limiting factor? Give examples.
  2. 4. What are the levels of organization in an ecosystem?
  3. 22. What are the two types of succession and how are they different?
  4. 6. What is ecology?
  5. 7. What can cause a population to increase? Decrease?
  1. a -An environmental factor that causes a population to stop growing or to decrease in size
    -Natural disaster, space, food, water, weather conditions, population growth, disease
  2. b Organism-population-community-ecosystem
  3. c Primary- he series of changes that occur in an area where no soil or organisms exist- takes 100's of years
    Secondary- the series of changes that occur in an area where the ecosystem ha been disturbed, but where soil and organisms still exist- takes a couple years
  4. d I- birth rate and immigration can make a population increase, space
    D- limiting factors, food shortages, emigration, and natural disasters can make a population decrease
  5. e The study of how organisms interact with each other and with their environment

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  1. How many people live in one area
  2. A habitat is an environment that provides the things a specific organism needs to live grow and reproduce
    It should provide food, water & shelter and anything else it needs to stay in its habitat
  3. P- a tick on a dog
    C- a bird sitting on a deer
    M- a bee pollinating a flower
  4. Hiding in its shell, claws, being nocturnal, cunning
  5. Behaviors & physical characteristics that allow organisms to survive in their environment

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  1. 2. What is the difference between biotic and abiotic factors in an ecosystem?Biotic- the parts of a habitat that are living, or were once living and interact with an organism
    Abiotic- the nonliving parts of an organism's habitat


  2. 15. Explain the relationship between a predator and prey. Explain how the each population affects the other's population.Running fast, claws, being nocturnal, stealth


  3. 5. How is the ecosystem level different from the other levels?The ecosystem is formed by the community and all the abiotic factors together


  4. 25. What events could lead to secondary succession?1. Abandoned field
    2. Tree growth begins
    3. Forest
    4. Climax community


  5. 18. What is symbiosis?The way that animals inter act with each other and live together and at least one benefits