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  1. 21. What is succession?
  2. 3. Give examples of abiotic and biotic factors.
  3. 16. Explain adaptations a predator has to make it a good predator.
  4. 4. What are the levels of organization in an ecosystem?
  5. 6. What is ecology?
  1. a Running fast, claws, being nocturnal, stealth
  2. b Organism-population-community-ecosystem
  3. c The study of how organisms interact with each other and with their environment
  4. d Biotic- plants, animals, paper
    Abiotic- sun, water, soil
  5. e The series of predictable changes that occur in a community over time

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  1. Biotic- the parts of a habitat that are living, or were once living and interact with an organism
    Abiotic- the nonliving parts of an organism's habitat
  2. Because it would cause competition, because you can't share a job with something
  3. Primary- he series of changes that occur in an area where no soil or organisms exist- takes 100's of years
    Secondary- the series of changes that occur in an area where the ecosystem ha been disturbed, but where soil and organisms still exist- takes a couple years
  4. A habitat is an environment that provides the things a specific organism needs to live grow and reproduce
    It should provide food, water & shelter and anything else it needs to stay in its habitat
  5. Predator: wolf- helps control the population by eating the prey
    Prey: deer- provides food for the predator

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  1. 7. What can cause a population to increase? Decrease?I- birth rate and immigration can make a population increase, space
    D- limiting factors, food shortages, emigration, and natural disasters can make a population decrease


  2. 8. What does population density measure?How many people live in one area


  3. 9. What is a limiting factor? Give examples.-An environmental factor that causes a population to stop growing or to decrease in size
    -Natural disaster, space, food, water, weather conditions, population growth, disease


  4. 10. What is an adaptation?The series of predictable changes that occur in a community over time


  5. 23. What is a pioneer species and how are they important to the steps of succession?1. Abandoned field
    2. Tree growth begins
    3. Forest
    4. Climax community