Electronic Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring is used to assess:
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What is prolonged deceleration?15bpm or more, lasting 2 minutes or more but less than 10 minutes from onset to return of baselineWhat actions should the nurse take when seeing deceleration?change positions, stop oxytocin, correct hypotension, O2 10L rebreather mask, terbutaline, IVF bolus, notify MD,What are the four categories of birth experiences?good, great, disappointing, traumaticWhat is considered a "good" birthing experience?alive and healthy mom and baby, legal and ethical standards met, satisfaction from respect and empathy, accomplishment, met goalsWhat is considered a "great" birthing experience?exceed expectations, no complications, orgasmic birth, achievement, individualized, freedom from sufferingWhat is considered a "disappointing" birthing experience?longer, complications, disappointed in self, embarrassed, no support, no joy, grieve over birth experience they didn't haveWhat is considered a "traumatic" birthing experience?danger or serious illness or death, helplessness, fear, repetitive, anxious or PTSDWhat is effacement?the thinning of the cervix from 0 to 100%What is dilation?the opening of the cervix up to 10 cmwhat happens during the first stage of labor: Early/Latent?0-3cm dilated, 5-30 min contractions lasting 30-45 sec, duration:6-8 hours, EXCITED, some apprehensionwhat happens during the first stage of labor: Active?4-7cm dilated, 3-5min contractions lasting 40-90 seconds, duration:3-6hours, INWARDLY DIRECTED, FOCUSED, SERIOUSwhat happens during the first stage of labor: Transition?8-10cm dilated, contractions 2-3min lasting 45-90 seconds, duration:20-30 minutes, severe pain, N/V, IRRITABLEwhat is the second stage of labor: Pushing?from complete edition until birth, Ferguson reflex, squatting to bring baby downWhat are the cardinal movements?descent, flexion, internal rotation, extension, restitution, external rotation, expulsionwhat is the third stage of labor: placenta?from the delivery of the baby to the placenta, usually within 10 minutes, uterus changes shape, blood gusheswhat is the fourth stage of labor: PP recovery1-2 hours after birth, first 6 weeks durationwhat does grivada mean?how many times a woman has been pregnantwhat does para mean?how many times a woman had pregnant that reached viabilitywhat does multipara mean?multiple pregnancieswhat does primipara mean?first pregnancywhat is Nagele's rule?subtract 3 months from last menstrual period and add 7 dayswhat do you take/check between contractions?FHR, maternal VS/BPwhat is the difference between frequency, duration and intensity?frequency is from beginning of one to the beginning of the next, duration is how long the contraction lasts, and intensity is the height of contraction pressurewhat does epidurals cause that can be concerning?hypotension and FHR decells and lateswhat is the first nursing action for ruptured membranes?check FHR-risk for prolapsed cordhow many teenagers are infected with STD's?5 millionhow many new STD's are in the US each year?20 millionhow many cases of curable STD's occurring worldwide annually?499 millioncost of STD's and major complications annually?21 billionhow do STD's spread?unprotected oral, vaginal, or anal sex with infected persons, into the eyes and hands with direct contact, from infected mother to baby during birthwhat virus is killing more women in this country than AIDs?HPVWhat is the number one cause of infertility?chlamydiawhat percent of teens are affected from chlamydia?40%To confirm a finding of primary syphilis, the nurse would observe which of the following on the external genitalia? A. A highly variable skin rash B. A yellow-green vaginal discharge C. A nontender, indurated ulcer D. A localized gumma formationCWhat are probable signs a woman is pregnant?Chadwicks sign(color of mucosa to blue), Goodells sign(soft cervical tip), Hegars sign(softening of isthmus and cervix and is blush and engorged), Braxton Hicks contractionsWhat does GTPAL stand for?Gravida, Term, Preterm, Abortion, LivingWhat are two important things to know about the uterus?is an abdominal organ at 14 weeks and the enlargement is measured by fundal heightWhat is the expected uterine growth?1cm/week. 12 weeks is above the symphysis pubis, 20 weeks is under umbilicusan umbilical cord has:two arteries and one veina trimester is how many months?3 monthsSince the cardiac output increases in labor, how much more does it increase?10-15bpmwhat does urinary stasis increase the risk of?a UTIWhat is the term called for craving non-food substances?PICAWhy are people abusive towards an individual?for power and controlWho gets a more accurate response from someone dealing with domestic violence? SATA A. Social Worker B. Physician C. Nurse D. NoneA. C.What are the risk factors in teratogens?HIV, prostitution, preterm labor, current or previous abrupt placentaWhat should never be given to a mother or newborn unless it is a massive OD?Narcanhow often would you do a nonstress test?every 3-4 dayswhat is the order of development?muscle tone, movements, breathing movementswhat is the cardiac output in postpartum in first 5 minutes?65%What ar eGBS(group B strep) risk factors?bacteriuria in pregnancy, birth of previous baby with GBS, preterm delivery <37weeks, intrapartum fever, PROM >18 hourswhy is thee breech position worrisome?can cut off the babies oxygen supplywhat is the main sign of placenta previa?painless, bright red bleedingWhat is the main sign of abruptio placenta?dark red bleeding, pain in the lower back and abdomenwhat is the most common sign of uterine rupture?fetal bradycardiawhat usually has an underlying diseasedisseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC)HELLP stands for:Hemolysis, Elevated, Liver enzymes, Low Plateletswhat is the priority with an antepartum patient?seizure preventionIf a woman has contractions, does that mean she is in pre term labor?not alwaysdo more men or women have HIV?womenwhat is given in the first 24 hours of a c sectiontoradolwhat meds are given for PPHhemabait methergen and cytobaitwhat med does a baby get for an STDerythromycinwhere do you give IM injections on a babydifferent legs to see the reaction is from which medication and to not mix them