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NTD415 - Chapter 9

chronic disease
any ailment that is permanent and/or leaves a residual disability that is caused by a nonreversible pathological alteration, requiring education and self-care
leading causes of death in the US (top 9)
heart disease, cancer, stroke, copd, unintentional injuries, diabetes, influenza and pneumonia, alzheimers, diseases of the kidneys
how can healthy people 2020 relate to nutrition interventions?
it can serve as a guide for health services; a good reference for creating community interventions
national cholesterol education program
aka ncep; launched by the national heart, lung and blood institute (dept of health and human services) in 1985 to contribute to reducing illness and death from coronary heart disease in the us by reducing the percent of americans with high blood cholesterol; emphasize referrals to dietitians in their guidelines known as therapeutic lifestyle changes
national committee on prevention, detection, evaluation and treatment of high blood pressure
launched by the national heart lung and blood institute (dept of health and human services) in 1976, providing guidelines on hypertension prevention and management, including the dash diet plan
the dash diet plan
focuses on increased fruit and veggie consumption and decreased consumption of red meat, sodium and added sugars
steps to a healtheir us initiative
national, multi-level program that is changing the face of chronic disease prevention in communities across the united states and improving people's lives by targeting 3 major chronic diseases (diabetes, obesity and asthma) and their underlying risk factors of physical inactivity, poor nutrition and tobacco use; part of CDC within dept of health and human services
communities putting prevention to work
aka cppw; a community based approach to changes in the environment for obesity and tobacco prevention; philly received $15 million in 2010