American Foreign Policy chapters 5, 6, 7, & 8

All BUT which of the following was part of the internationalist consensus prior to the Vietnam War?
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In looking at trends in American public opinion since the end of the Cold War, we find that even after 9/11 the American public has been very self confident about the U.S. role in the world.falseThe Committee of One Million was a lobbying group organized tooppose the membership of communist China into the U.N.The Vietnam syndrome refers to:the belief that the American public would not support the use of force if it resulted in causalities to American soldiers.The CNN effect refers tothe media's ability to shape the foreign-policy agenda.We could anticipate that the two most common concerns of Kenya or any foreign government when it lobbies are foreign-aid legislation and arms sales.trueThe China lobby refers tolobbying by Americans on behalf of Nationalist China (Taiwan) and against Communist ChinaThe charge that the media are "complicit enablers" of a president's foreign policy is an example of the CNN effectfalsePrior to World War I, U.S. public opinion on foreign opinion can be characterized asisolationist.The INS vs. Chadha case was significant because in it the Supreme Court ruled the legislative veto unconstitutional.trueWhich of the following is NOT one of the patterns of interaction between Congress and the president?subversiveAll BUT which of the following are foreign-affairs powers given to Congress by the Constitution?terminate [abrogate] treatiesThe Constitution did not give the House any formal powers in the treaty-making powers.trueThe Nye Committee investigated:the role that bankers and weapons manufacturers played in getting the U.S. into World War I.A legislative veto would have which of the following consequences if invoked by Congress?It would permit action by the president or the bureaucracy unless Congress votes against it after it has already taken place.In which of the following did Congress declare war?War of 1812Barnacles refers tounwanted amendments Congress attaches to foreign-policy legislation.All BUT which of the following statements is correct regarding the influence of party on foreign policy?The one voting issue in which party is not the major influence is in controlling presidential war powers.Establishing the 9/11 Commission and the Defense Base Closure Commission are examples of Congressengaging in outsourcing.Should Congress invoke the War Powers Resolution in a future military conflict, which of the following is true?The president will have the right to act without prior congressional approval, but does have to notify Congress after the fact.A gadfly is a legislator whotakes a deep interest in certain foreign-policy issues and pursues his or her position on them regardless of who is in office.All BUT which of the following provisions were included in a new War Powers Act proposed by the National War Powers Commission?a requirement for an immediate budget authorization vote in support of any military operationsAll But which of the following is a true statement that lead up to the Iraq War?Bush asked for and received Congressional endorsement through a War Powers Resolution vote.In contrast to a gadfly, a policy entrepreneur is one wholooks at foreign-policy issues in terms of their liability to help get reelected and/or in terms of possible future higher office in mind.The current relationship (dating to 2015) between Congress and the president is said to becompetitiveWhich of the following presidential personality types is the most likely to fall victim to the tendency to overreach and try to do too much?active-positiveThe Bricker Amendment was a congressional attempt to place limits on the president's use of:executive agreementsOne reason the president is often viewed as a weak leader is because he often must rely on the ability to persuade rather than the ability to command:trueAll BUT which of the following are conditions under which a president's personality is likely to have its greatest impact on a policy.late in administration.The biggest rally effect ever seen for presidential approval ratings:for President Bush immediately following 9/11Barber's classification scheme for studying presidential personality is built around all BUT which of the following psychological characteristics?need to dominateUnder which president did the national security advisor [NSA] first become more important than the National Security Council?KennedyThe absence of accountability for foreign-policy decisions especially likely to be a problem when the president has which of the following personality types?passiveIf the next president appointed someone to be a "gatekeeper," a role often assigned to the Chief of Staff, that person's task would be to determine:who has access to the president.Action indispensability refers to:situations in which a specific action is crucial to the success of failure of a policy.While the U.S Navy seems to honor tradition above all other values the U.S Air Force seems enamored with:technologyOne of the criticisms of the NSA during the Obama administration was that:its membership became too large. Some questioned if all the members of the NSA truly had the expertise neededOne reason that the State Department's influence in policymaking has declined is the frequent tendency of the Foreign Service Office to take risks in making policy recommendations.falseThe Office of Strategic Services was the institutional predecessor of theCIAOne could characterize the value system of the State Department Foreign Service Officers as:cautiousWhich of the following is NOT an accurate statement about the early history of the OSS?When World War II ended, all of its operations were moved into the State Department.Robert McNamara, Donald Rumsfeld, and Robert Gates have all adopted which of the following role orientations as secretary of defense? This role seeks to manage the Defense Department with efficiency in accordance with presidential po...functionalistWhich US intelligence agency was soundly criticized for the intelligence failure of 9/11?CIAIf the traditional view of the professional officer existing in the field of civil-military relations remains dominant, we can expect that in a future policy dispute over the use of force, military officers will be neutral and not participate in partisan political battles.trueValence issues are issues thatfind most people on the same side.In reporting to Congress on its domestic wiretapping program the Bush administration informed the Gang of 8. They werethe party leadership of both houses and the ranking members of the intelligence committees.In submitting a treaty to Congress, president should expect that those which deal with extradition and diplomatic-representation issues are more likely to have reservations attached to them than are treaties dealing with security issues.falseThe military industrial complex isan example of lobbying by U.S. defense firms.All BUT which of the following is a requirement for elections to serve as a foreign-policy mandate for a president?Seventy-five percent of the eligible voters must turn out to vote.One of the major consequences of the Nye committee hearings was:the 1920s Neutrality actsFrom the perspective of the electoral cycle, the best year for a president to undertake a major foreign-policy initiative [that might prove unpopular] isin the first year of his or her second administration.In 2010, WikiLeaks released secret government documents about U.S. foreign policy on:AfghanistanShould Congress grant Trade Promotional Authority in the future which of the following powers is given to the president?the power to negotiate trade agreements knowing that Congress cannot attach amendments to the agreement but must vote yes or no.If you were organizing a foreign policy lobby and wanted to achieve the success of the most successful ethnic lobbies, which of the following would you rely to get political clout?the ability to secretly involve foreign leaders on their behalfWhen it was first created, President Truman did not attend the meetings of the National Security Council and treated it as little more than an advisory board.trueBoth Republican and Democratic presidents have asserted that they are not bound by the War Powers Resolution because they are implementing United Nations resolutions.trueAs secretary of state, Hillary Clinton generally played the "bad cop" to President Obama's "good cop."trueAction indispensability refers to situations where the identity of the policymaker is crucial to understanding the actions taken.trueWhich of the following is an accurate statement on Vice President Dick Cheney's role in foreign policymaking.Several of his immediate predecessors were also active in foreign policy.Political creep in State Department jargon refers to the tendency toplace political appointees in top-level state department positions.Up until the creation of the director of national intelligence in 2004, the head of which of these intelligence agencies also served as the head of the intelligence community>Central Intelligence Agency [CIA]Which of the following presidents had a "hidden hand leadership" style that shows the difficulty of placing presidents in a specific personality category?EisenhowerThe CEO management style, which emphasizes loyalty, tight control over information, and an exclusive and limited number of close advisors was introduced by which president?George W. BushUnder which president did the national security system become depersonalized to the point that the national security advisor became a "nonperson"?ReaganMost Republican presidents set up a management style in their administration known as:formalisticThe first "first lady" to play any type of role in making U.S. foreign policy was Eleanor Roosevelt.trueWhich of the following presidential personality types is most likely to adhere to a failing policy and not be able to change his course of action?active-negativeThe practice of appointing informal personal ambassadors to conduct foreign-policy negotiations is one way president have gotten around:the Senate's power to approve (or disapprove) appointments.Military and civilian officials tend to disagree much more about how and when to use force and not the question of whether or not to use it.trueWhich of the following was NOT absorbed into the Department of Homeland Security when it was created?National Security AgencyUntil recently, a clear division of labor existed in the White House between the chief of staff, who was the president's key advisor on domestic matter and which White House official who was chief advisor on foreign-policy issues?national security advisorUnlike Reagan and George W. Bush, President Carter and Clinton recognized the constitutionality of the War Powers Resolution.falseThe Commission of Wartime Contracting examined the excessive use of civilian contractors in:Iraq and AfghanistanImmediately following 9/11 in 2001 the relationship between Congress and the president is said to bedisengagedIn making a decision about U.S. human rights policy, a president who believed in the principle of unilateral presidency would act without consulting:CongressThink Tanks are an example ofthe influence of ideologically oriented public interest groups.The War Powers of the Constitution are split into all BUT which of the following parts?The Supreme Court is given the power to determine how prisoners of war are treated.Most Democratic presidents initially, at least, set up a management style in their administration known as:collegialThe vice president's increased involvement in foreign-policy issues has come at the expense of the chief of staff, whose influence has gone down.false"Players" are personalities who are part of international/ foreign policy events and:respond to events in a predictable fashion.Which of the following is an accurate statement about Obama's response to the Haitian earthquake?Obama reached out to former presidents Bush and Clinton to help publicize the relief effort.Executive agreements are:a way of entering into an international agreement without asking for nor getting the Senate's approval.One of the suggestions made by the 2008 non-partisan commission on presidential transitions was that key foreign policy cabinet appointments be announced:shortly after the nominating convention.Which of the following is an INACCURATE statement about U.S. foreign policy toward the Dominican Republic and Haiti?The U.S. sent troops to force the British out of Haiti as part of the Monroe DoctrineBecause of growing importance of intermestic issues we can expect that the president's chief of staff will continue to have a growing influence on foreign-policy matters.true