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Simple squamous epithelium

lines lungs and blood capillaries

Simple cuboidal epithelium

lines kidney tubules and several glands

simple columnar epithelium

lines airways of respiratory tract and most of gastrointestinal tract

Stratified squamous epithelium

epidermis; keratinized epithelium

Loose connective tissue

cells scattered w/in a matrix that contains a large amount of ground substance; beneath skin, between organs

Adipose tissue


Dense regular connective tissue

collagen fibers line up in parallel; make up tendons and ligaments

Dense irregular connective tissue

collagen fibers have different orientations; covers kidney, muscles, nerves and bone


ground substance made from chondroitin and collagen fibers in long, parallel arrays; found in joint surfaces and other locations


type of special connective tissue


extracellular material is the fluid plasma

Smooth muscle

found in walls of blood vessels and visceral organs; cells are mono-nucleated

Skeletal muscle

usually attached to bone by tendons, so muscle contraction causes bones to move; multi-nucleated

Cardiac muscle

composed of smaller, interconnected cells; each with a single nucleus

Nerve tissue

cells include neurons and supporting cells, neuroglia

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