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a statement of belief; sometimes a collection of creedal statements

ecumenical council

worldwide, official assembly of the bishops under the direction of the Pope. There have been twenty-one Ecumenical Councils

Second Vatican Council

most recent ecumenical councils

Blessed Trinity

central mystery of the Christian faith

Blessed Trinity teaches

the three persons in one god: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit


term that describes existing without a beginning and forever


an attribute of God that he is everywhere, unlimited, and all-powerful


term that means extending endlessly, having no end or limits

divine providence

sovereignty of God over events in the lives of individuals and throughout history


term for the practice of "speaking in tongues", a gift from the HS that allows a person to speak in prayer languages that were never learned


monos - one theos- god; belief in one, all-powerful God

Three Greatest Monotheistic Religions

Christianity, Islam, Judaism


belief, in opposition to Christian doctrine, that there are many gods


Hebrew word meaning "wind" or "breath" often used in the OT to refer to God's mysterious and powerful life- giving presence


"I Am"

God the Father

creator of the universe

Doctrine of the Trinity

mystery because we can never truly understand that the three persons in one god are equal, distinct but eternally and harmoniously united by love.

St. Athanasius

early Church Father wrote "For the Son of God became man that we might become God."

1st Commandment

"I, the Lord am your God; you shall not have other gods besides me."

Pentecost Sunday

HS came to the followers of Jesus in great power


belief in one God


must be prayed by Jews seven times a day


God is With Us

Hypostatic Union

one divine substance and three divine persons

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