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Mass Media
are industries that creates and distribute songs, novels, newspapers, movies, internet services, tv shows, magazines, and other products to large numbers of people.
Mass Communication
the creation and use of symbols (such as languages and motion pictures) that convey information and meaning to large and diverse audiences through all manner of channels
Digital Communication
images, texts, symbols are converted into electronic signals and reassembled as a precise reproduction of an image or a text
media convergence
technological merging of media content (availability of magazine article as an online version)
media literacy
attempt to understand how the media work and what impact they have on our lives
Linear Model includes....
senders, messages, mass media channel, receivers, gatekeepers, feedback
What did the modern era include
rise of values including the efficient work, celebration of the individual, belief in rational order, and rejection of tradition and embracing of progress
scrolls made from plant reeds by the egyptians. one of the first book like forms
what people gradually started to write on because of its durability and cheaper costs.
romans created the first protomodern book with this material which is sheets of parchment sewn together
what were three new book making innovations during the middle ages
maunscript culture, illuminated manuscripts and block printing
who invented the printing press
What did the invention of the printing press allow
mass production of books such as the bible
fine calfskin-based parchment which the gutenberg bible was printed on
when did books enter the entrepreneurial stage?
Middle Ages
What two inventions allowed printers to use photographic plates rather than metal casts
linotype machines, and lithography
what are subsidiary rights
the selling of the rights to a book for use in other media
what are trade books
hardbound books and paperbacks aimed at general readers and sold at commercial retial outlets
what are professional books
targeted at various occupational groups, not the general consumer market
what are textbooks
educational books divided into elementary through high school, college and vocational categories
what are mass market paperbacks
sold on racks in drustores, supermarkets and airports
what are instant books
an innovation in mass market paperback publishing that involoves putting a topical book out quickly after a major event occurs
what are reference books
they include dictionaries, encylopedias, atlases, almanacs, and volumes related to professions or trades
what are university press books
nonprofit scholarly works for small groups of readers
what is a book challenge?
citizens can force the removal of books from public or school libraries about a subject matter they find objectionable
what exactly is the "news"
the process by which people gather and create information and reports to make sense of events surrounding them.
what is the partisan press
the first colonial newspaper, these papers critiqued government and spread the views of different political parties
what enabled papers to become a mass medium
the penny press which priced papers at a penny each
what are human interest stories and where were they first introduced
news accounts that focus on the trials and tribulations of the human condition, often featuring ordinary individuals facing extraordinary challenges
what was the wire service
a commercial and cooperative organization that relayed news stories and info around the country using telegraph lines
what was yellow journalism
overly dramatic stories about crime or celebrity occurrences
what is the critical process
description, analysis, interpretation, evaluation, engagement
what is a paywall
subscriber only in attempt to raise money and online profitability.
what are newspaper chains?
companies that own many newspapers across the country
interest in advocating social reform and wrongdoings. the term muckraker was made by Theodore Roosevelt
the use of photos to augment editorial content
what are the five freedoms
religion, speech, press, assembly, petition
Who is George Gershwin
american composer with popular and classic genres. Rhapsody in blues and american in paris as well as the opera peggy and bess
Mamie Smith?
She sang blue and only was a vocalist
Edwin Porter?
Producer and Director of the Great Train Robbery
Paul Robeson
song John Henry, actor, activist, only sang vocal
Woody Guthrie
also sang John Henry, used both vocal and guitar
D.W. Griffin
Pioneering American Film director, his first blockbuster was controversial.
According to the Pew Research Internet Project article, the number of U.S. adults who own either a tablet or an e-reader was about _____________________ as of early 2014.
50 percent
According to Professor Rick Rubin, what is one of the main functions of a library?
to organize information so people can find it
This pioneering singer of the Blues exemplifies an artist of the early music form on which later pop music genres are based
Mamie Smith
According to former Dean Stan Wearden in the video shown in class, the driving force of media companies is ____________
making money
For hundreds of years, books were the only mass medium. true or false
According to the MIT students in the Media Literacy Video, media literacy today requires skills to create and distribute content as well as analyze and critique it. true or false
Once strongly influenced by books, television and film now look elsewhere for most of their story ideas. true or false
In ancient societies, symbol systems like writing often evolved along with agriculture and astronomy. true or false
The division of the book industry that makes the most money is
trade books
Gutenberg played an active role in the transition from oral to written culture
What is one main meaning of the term media convergence?
the technological merging of content in different mass media, such as songs being available on cell phones
Because books are such an old and traditional medium, they have been slow to converge with other media
Content analysis is a tool of the social scientific approach.true or false
The textbook describes three stages in the emergence of a media innovation. Which of the following is not one of them?
the consumer stage

the three that are
-the innovation stage
development and entrepreneurial stage
-the mass medium stage
Some ancient philosophers thought
oral communication was superior to written communication.
University presses often publish books that only a handful of scholars read
The right to use the contents of a book in another form, such as a CD or a movie script, is called
subsidiary rights
Many books from the Middle Ages were called illuminated manuscripts because they were
elaborately decorated with colorful designs and illustrations.
Numerous books have become best-sellers after their authors appeared on
One of the technological factors specifically impacting development of the Associated Press and its cooperative newsgathering was
the telegraph
In the American revolution, _________________ was a leading patriot (pro-revolution) newspaper editor and _______________ was a leading tory (pro-Britain, against the revolution) newspaper editor.
Isaiah Thomas (patriot), James Rivington (tory)
From the class discussion on newspapers, which segment of newspaper advertising was affected most by the online development of Craigslist and other online sites advertising goods and services for sale?
classified advertising (small, inexpensive ads grouped near the back of the newspaper)
Name the publication most closely associated with the rise of modern journalism.
the New York Times
The Associated Press was founded in the 1840s to sell newspaper advertising nationally
In targeting audiences by age, the most dramatic recent success has come from magazines aimed at
older folks?
Is there an increase in newspaper readership from 1999 to 2012
steady decrease
description, analysis, interpretation, evaluation, engagement AKA critical process
What is content analysis
through content analysis, researchers code and count the content of various types of media.
what is the linear process
senders, messages, mass media channel, receivers, gatekeepers, feedback
What is populism and when did it occur
tries to appeal to ordinary people by setting up conflict between the working and upper class. during the postmodern period.
Who was the first media mogul
Ben Franklin
Ben Franklin became wealthy though his political connections not through his work as an editor and print maker??? true or false
When did the penny press emerge and what was it
emerged in the 1830s in New York. which was the cheaper production of mass newspaper printing that made it a mass medium