Sterile Processing and Distribution

Chemical and biological indicators MUST be cleared by which of the following agencies?
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An infection caused by a needlestick enters through which port of entry?Parenteral tissueBloodborne pathogen exposure is regulated by theOccupational Safety and Health AdministrationOn which of the following types of equipment would cleaning verification effectiveness products be used?Mechanical WashersAccording to Spaulding's classification of medical devices, a semicritical item REQUIRES which form of disinfection?High-level disinfectionWhich level of disinfection is needed for the destruction of HIV?Low-level disinfectionThe ability of a disinfectant to perform most efficiently depends onWhether it remains wet for the stated amount of timeThe preparation and packaging area MUST have an air exchange rate of10 per hourThe acceptable temperature range for the preparation and packaging area is68 degrees F to 73 degrees FSterile packs can be adversely affected if the humidity level in the preparation and packaging area falls below35%Where should the chemical indicator be placed in a wrapped set of instruments?The center of the setUsing excessive amounts of chemical indicator tape to seal a package to be sterilized canInterfere with air removal and steam penetrationWhich of the following lubricants is recommended for use on surgical instruments?Water-basedAn instrument should be lubricatedaccording to the instrument manufacturer's instructions for useWhen the jaws of a stainless steel (non-tungsten carbide) needle holder become worn, the needle holder must beDiscardedWhich of the following should not be used to mark or identify surgical instruments?EngravingThe fiberoptic cord is attached to which part of a rigid endoscope?Light postA gauge on the main steam line, usually located at the back of the sterilizer, tells you the steam pressureinside the jacketWhich of the following is the minimum exposure time for wrapped goods in a dynamic-air-removal steam cycle at 275 degrees F and 28 to 30 pounds per square inch (psi)?3 minutesThe Bowie-Dick is considered which type of monitoring process?ChemicalA Class 6 indicator is also calledEmulating indicatorsA Class 5 indicator is also calledintegrating indicatorRoutine biological testing of steam sterilizers should be performed no less thanWeeklyFor testing of rigid sterilization containers, the biological indicators should be placedAs recommended by the manufacturer of the containerItems being unloaded from the steam sterilizer should be handled withClean handsWhich of the following sterilization methods would require aeration after processing?Ethylene oxideUnless otherwise directed by the sterilizer manufacturer, the ethylene oxide process challenge device (biological test pack) is placed in theGeometric center of the loadWhich of the following should not be processed in a low-temperature gas plasma sterilizer?Gauze spongesBiological monitoring of the hydrogen peroxide-ozone sterilization process should be performedAt least dailyWhich of the following microorganisms is used to biologically monitor the hydrogen peroxide-ozone sterilizer?Geobacillus sterothermophilusThe weakest part of an instrument is theBox lockPitting on a stainless steel instrument appears asDark black cratersThe layer on a surgical instrument that is created by the passivation process is calledChromium oxideEnzyme-based detergents contain organic substances that assist in the breakdown of:Protein soils and bloodBefore instruments are processed in an ultrasonic cleaner, thegross soil should be removedIf used instruments in a basin are not clearly visible, which of the following should be used to pick them up?ForcepsWhich material can be used as a simple test to check the functioning of the ultrasonic cleaner?Aluminum foilCJD is caused byPrionsWhich concentration is most effective in alcohol-based hand sanitizers?60% -95%