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  1. froward
  2. hirsute
  3. finesse
  4. semantics
  5. expatriate
  1. a a trick; to handle with a deceptive strategy
    to use finesse (refinement in performance)
  2. b stubbornly contrary; obstinately disobedient

    I squirted froward Samee with water
  3. c interpretation of a word or sentence, etc.
  4. d hairy

    Chimpanzees are our ____ relatives
  5. e to send into exile

    a person living outside their own land

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  1. to speak or write at length
  2. explanatory
  3. to sink; fail; collapse

    The project ____ed because of a lack of public support
  4. ornamental band on a wall

    I used to have a ____ of Minni Mouse around my room
  5. to free from bad influences / evil spirits

    The psychologist helps to ____ personal demons from the patient's mind

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  1. forswearstubbornly contrary; obstinately disobedient

    I squirted froward Samee with water


  2. gambolverb: to frolic; leap playfully
    noun: frolicking about

    The children ____ed on the lawn while their parents ate lunch


  3. flourishembellishment or ornamentation

    His speech was full of rhetorical ____


  4. elixirsubstance believed to have power to cure ills

    The doctor gave me a prescription but told me to not expect it to be an ____


  5. factotumverb: to bind; confine
    adjective: bound or confined
    noun: something that restricts or restrains
    shackle placed on the feet

    Boredom puts ____s upon the imagination