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  1. selective demand
  2. multibranding
  3. Capacity management
  4. Price elasticity
  5. gain awareness
  1. a Integrating the service component of the marketing mix with efforts to influence consumer demand
  2. b primary marketing objective of the introduction stage
    (one product)
  3. c Percentage change in quantity demanded that results from a percentage change in price
  4. d giving each product a distinct name
  5. e the preference for a specific brand

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  1. a company retains the product but reduces marketing costs
  2. a product diffuses, or spreads, through the population, resulting in most sales not being in the introduction stage
  3. The added value that a brand name gives to a product beyond its functional benefits
  4. primary marketing objective of the decline stage
    (best sellers)
  5. leaders in social setting; slightly above average education

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  1. modifying the productchanging certain characteristics such as quality, or style to attract new users and inspire more usage (wrinkle free and stain-free clothing with nanotechnology)


  2. Multibrandingcombines a coporate or family brand with a new brand to distinguish a part of its product line from others (gatorade rain)


  3. innovatorfear of debt; neighbors and friends are information sources


  4. primary demanddesire for the product class rather than for a specific brand, since there are few competitors with the same product


  5. Line extensionUsing a current brand name to enter a new market segment in its product class