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  1. Brand equity
  2. Off-peak pricing
  3. multibranding
  4. harvesting
  5. innovator
  1. a giving each product a distinct name
  2. b a company retains the product but reduces marketing costs
  3. c Charging different prices during different times to reflect variations in demand for a service
  4. d venturesome; higher educated; use multiple information sources
  5. e The added value that a brand name gives to a product beyond its functional benefits

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  1. Strategy of giving each product a distinct name
  2. pricing low to discourage competitive entry by reducing the appearance of profit opportunity
  3. fear of debt; neighbors and friends are information sources
  4. primary marketing objective of the growth stage
    (more versions of products)
  5. changing certain characteristics such as quality, or style to attract new users and inspire more usage (wrinkle free and stain-free clothing with nanotechnology)

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  1. early adopterleaders in social setting; slightly above average education


  2. primary demandProduct made by a manufacturer and sold to a retailer who in turn resells it under its own name. (also called private labeling or reseller branding)


  3. repositioning the productchanging the place a product occupies in a consumer's mind relative to competitive products (new balance focus on fit, durability, and comfort rather than compete with Nike on fashion and professional sports)


  4. maintain brand loyaltyprimary marketing objective of the maturity stage
    (full product line)


  5. Line extensionUsing a current brand name to enter a new market segment in its product class