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Controlled Mandatory Ventilation


Assist Control


Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation

Vent Mode where breath is delivered at set rate and volume. NO spontaneuos breathing

CMV Controlled Mandatory Ventillation (General Anesthesia / Paralytics)

Vent mode with preset volume and minimum rate set. Patient can spontaneously breath but only delivered preset volume on spontaneous breath

A/C Assist Control

Most common vent support mode

SIMV Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation

Vent mode with preset rate and volume. Patient can also spont breathe at there own volume.

SIMV Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation


Pressure Support Ventilation


Pressure Control Inverse Ration Ventilation


Airway Pressure Release Ventilation

Vent Mode where pt. is spontaneously breathing at acceptable rate and volume

PSV Pressure Support Ventilation. Lowers WOB with artifical airway.

Repositioning of ET tube should be done every ____

24 hours.


Tidal Volume

Complication of Mechanical Ventilation on Cardio System

Increased pressure on thoracic vessells

Compliant lungs increase risk for (complication)


Progressive Fluid retention occurs after ___-___ hours after PPV is begun.


TOF Test

Train of Four: Assesses effectiveness of neuromuscular blockade. Should be 2

Carbohydrate metabolism can lead to an increase in serum ___ levels?


Steps to remove a ET tube?

Instruct Pt to take a deep breath
At peak of inspiration deflate cuff and remove tube.

Normal Vt volumes


Ve Minute Ventilation


VC Vital Capacity


Type of vent mode used with pt who has ARDS?

Pressure Controlled. Preset rate at specific pressure.

Bronchus that can be mistankenly enterred by ETT isolation the other bronchus

The Right Bronchus

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