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  1. How many people could attend the gladiatorial games
  2. who staged gladiatorial games in the republic
  3. What were the events gladiators participated in
  4. what was the use of the dagger
  5. How long were the games
  1. a From dusk to dawn
  2. b to cut through reins if (the driver) tangled themself (in the reins)
  3. c fights, contests, games, sacrifices, pretend animal hunts, pretend naval battle,
  4. d about 50,000
  5. e politicians and the government

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  1. they began with a parade and trumpets started the (actual) race
  2. wild animals
  3. a light helmet with a dagger
  4. yes they bet on the four different colors
  5. it was decorated with small egg or dolphin statues (statue was flipped and used like a counter)

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  1. Descrie the fansthey would enter through tunnels at opposite sides of the coliseum and the fights became very brutal


  2. How were the naval battles performedThe romans would fill the coliseum with water after building ships inside the coliseum


  3. Describe the training gladiators recieveda race held in the circus maximus pulled by 2 to 4 horses


  4. Name 3 gladiatorsyes they bet on the four different colors


  5. Who staged these games- EmpirePoliticians seeking votes


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