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  1. Who staged these games- Republic
  2. What was the center of the race track called
  3. What kinds of animals were fought
  4. Would fans bet
  5. Describe the fights
  1. a yes they bet on the four different colors
  2. b the spina
  3. c wild animals
  4. d they would enter through tunnels at opposite sides of the coliseum and the fights became very brutal
  5. e Politicians seeking votes

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  1. blue, red, white, green
  2. fights, contests, games, sacrifices, pretend animal hunts, pretend naval battle,
  3. they began with a parade and trumpets started the (actual) race
  4. From dusk to dawn
  5. before training gladiators would be tested by a lanista for any dissabilities

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  1. How were the naval battles performedThe romans would fill the coliseum with water after building ships inside the coliseum


  2. What was the dress of a chariot driverto cut through reins if (the driver) tangled themself (in the reins)


  3. who staged gladiatorial games in the republicpoliticians and the government


  4. Describe a chariot racea race held in the circus maximus pulled by 2 to 4 horses


  5. Who staged these games- EmpireThe government