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  1. How were races started
  2. what social class were most gladiators
  3. what were the four colors
  4. What was the center of the race track called
  5. What was the circus maximus
  1. a blue, red, white, green
  2. b they began with a parade and trumpets started the (actual) race
  3. c the spina
  4. d largest race track in rome seated 250,000 people (biggest in the world)
  5. e they were slaves or poor romans

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  1. 8
  2. it was decorated with small egg or dolphin statues (statue was flipped and used like a counter)
  3. fights, contests, games, sacrifices, pretend animal hunts, pretend naval battle,
  4. politicians and the government
  5. they would enter through tunnels at opposite sides of the coliseum and the fights became very brutal

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  1. Would fans betyes they bet on the four different colors


  2. Describe a chariot racea race held in the circus maximus pulled by 2 to 4 horses


  3. What was the dress of a chariot drivera light helmet with a dagger


  4. How long were the gamesFrom dusk to dawn


  5. Describe the training gladiators recievedbefore training gladiators would be tested by a lanista for any dissabilities