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Population pyramids from

Stage 1 High Fluctuating

A very wide base and a very narrow top representing few old people. The profile is CONCAVE

Stage 2 Early expanding

Pyramidal in shape, with a wide base and few people surviving to old age

Stage 3 Late expanding

The top of the pyramid is pyramidal, but the base starts to even out as birth rate starts to stabilise

Stage 4 Low fluctuating

Straight sided with people living to an old age

Stage 5 natural decrease

Base narrows showing declining birth rate, many people live to an old age

Stage 1 high fluctuating image

Stage 2 Early expanding image

Stage 3 late expanding image

Stage 4 low fluctuating image

Stage 5 natural decrease image

Population pyramid

A graph showing the age and gender structure of a country

Baby boom year

A year when an abnormally high number of babies are born

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