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Managing populations GCSE

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Sustainable population
A population whose growth and development does not threaten the success of future generations
1959 to 1961 famine
Killed 35 million in China
A region in India that uses family planning
One child policy
Launched in China in 1979 to slow population growth
Granny police
Older women in Chinese society who checked on omen of child bearing age
Forced upon some couples after their first child was born - meaning they could have no more children
5 to 10 percent salary rise
An incentive of sticking to just one child in China
10 % salary cut
A penalty of not sticking the One child policy
Female infanticide
Boys are favoured in Chinese society so some girls were allowed to die or placed in orphanages
Little Emperors
Spoilt Chinese kids!
400 million people
The estimated number of people NOT BORN becuase of the 1 child policy
Gender imbalance
Where there are more of one gender than another in a society
teaching people about the benefits of smaller family size - as used in Kerala